Who Is Sharon Case Dating: Real-life Relationship

Those who loved Sharon Collins and Adam Newman on “The Young and the Restless” would do everything to see them reunite on screen again. Even if their characters have a slow-burning love for each other, soap opera fans have to settle for their real-life relationship instead.

That's correct, the actors who portray Sharon and Adam, Sharon Case, and Mark Grossman, took their characters' chemistry and applied it to their real lives. As reported by Soap Opera Digest, Grossman was cast as Adam in 2019 and the two immediately struck it off.

After a brief flirtation between Sharon and Adam, the program went off into a new route with Sally Spectra and Sharon is going to lose her husband in an as-yet-unnamed way when Jordi Vilasuso leaves the part of Rey Rosales behind.

As a result, one never knows who she'll wind up with. Case and Grossman's off-screen lives appear to be more stable and less dramatic.

Sharon and Adam's Torturous On-Screen Romance

Sharon Collins and Adam Newman's on-screen love was always tainted by a tinge of poison. For one thing, she was married to Adam's half-brother, Nick, for a long period of time.

According to Soaps in Depth, Adam (then played by Michael Muhney) was the man who kidnapped Sharon's baby, Faith and gave her to Ashley Abbott as a newborn. Adam was to blame for Ashley's miscarriage after he tripped and fell down some stairs.

So, Adam gave Sharon's baby to Ashley, leading her to believe it was her own.

Who Is Sharon Case Dating

Sharon was inconsolable, and Adam felt bad about the situation, so he reached out to her and soothed her. Despite the cautions of people closest to her, the two started dating at this point.

She couldn't resist Adam even after she knew the truth and had her baby back. She was aware of something, but she put it off for a long time.

Sharon Helped Bring Amnesiac Adam Home

Faith developed into a young woman over the course of several years. When Sharon came close to tying the knot with Nick a second time, Adam was presumed dead for the second time.

When Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) found that Adam was alive and in Las Vegas, he asked Sharon for help. The only thing he remembered about himself was the name Spyder.


Thus, Sharon assisted Victor in persuading Adam, despite his amnesia, to return to Genoa City and rejoin Sharon.

Who Is Sharon Case Dating

Sharon and Adam tried to get back together and even had sex when Adam regained his memories, but she chose to marry Rey Rosales instead of Adam. Rey's wedding to Sharon was interrupted by Adam's reunion with ex-wife Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan).

Sharon Case and Mark Grossman Tried to Keep Their Romance a Secret

Many people wondered if Sharon Case and Mark Grossman were a couple or just pals when they posted social media photos of themselves looking close together while they worked together.

When Case went on the podcast in 2021 to talk with Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth, she finally verified or denied that she and Case were in a love connection.

Prior to becoming Sharon on “The Young and the Restless,” Case starred in two episodes of “Beverly Hills, 90210” in 1991.

Although Case didn't name names, she talked up a little more about her real-life relationship as Tori Spelling gushed about Nick and Sharon's relationship and revealed that she was a fan.

Sharon Case Explained Why She Came Out About Her Relationship

The commencement of COVID-19 protocols led Sharon Case and Mark Grossman to admit that they had a romantic connection, ironically.

Unless you're in a storyline with someone you're in real-life quarantine with like I am, you're still not allowed to touch or kiss; however, you are allowed to do so if you're standing six feet apart from them. “So we have a couple of people who can touch or kiss, but that doesn't mean we have to be in a storyline together,” she explained.

That caused Jennie Garth to inquire as to whether she has a real-life relationship with a character on the show.

Who Is Sharon Case Dating

We've never talked about it so openly, but I believe the reason why we eventually acknowledged it to the studio is merely so that we wouldn't have to distance ourselves in case the show decided to write us in scenes together,” Case added.

Although other performers did not, Case and Grossman had numerous intense kissing scenes. After suffering a stroke that left her unable to communicate, Chelsea envisioned Sharon and Adam kissing in front of her.

Mark Grossman Raved About Sharon Case

It was Sharon Case who taught newcomer Mark Grossman the ropes of working on a soap opera, notably “The Young and the Restless,” when he initially landed his role as Adam Newman in 2019.

On the Soap Opera Digest podcast “Dishing With Digest,” he commented, “I was afraid.” When I realized how essential Adam was to the show and all the talented actors who had played him before, I was afraid. “I was utterly terrified.”