Who is Shari Dahmer? Everything You Need to Know About Jeffrey Dahmer’s Stepmother!

DAHMER – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, a new popular true crime series starring Evan Peters, has debuted on Netflix. One of America's most infamous serial killers, he was responsible for the deaths of 17 men and boys before his arrest in 1991.

The 10-part series details Dahmer's murder spree, which began in 1978, and draws attention to the ineffectiveness of law enforcement up until the point at which he was apprehended. All of the characters in the limited series are based on actual people in Jeffrey's life, but the series itself is a fictional account of Dahmer's atrocities.

You might wonder what became of Jeffrey's family members, David and Lionel, once you complete the show. The character of Shari Dahmer, played by Molly Ringwald, is one of many intriguing ones explored throughout the show. Where is she at this time? This is all the information we have on Shari, Jeffrey Dahmer's stepmother.

Who is Shari Dahmer?

Jeffrey Dahmer‘s stepmother, Shari Dahmer, is the wife of his biological father, Lionel. After Lionel's divorce from Jeffrey's mother Joyce Flint in 1978, the couple tied the knot that year.

Since Dahmer's incarceration and death, Shari has been candid about their relationship.

Who is Shari Dahmer?

She called her stepson “weak” and stated she wanted to “mother him” in an Oxygen documentary series from 2017 called Dahmer on Dahmer.

She explained that the first murder occurred because the boy had become extremely lonely after his mother had departed and he had stayed alone.

Shari further disclosed that the only concerning aspect of his lifestyle was his heavy drinking, calling him a “closet alcoholic.” As an example, she recalls coming home to find him passed out after a night of heavy drinking.

Furthermore, she stated that her husband and she frequently visited Jeffrey at his “absolutely clean” and “spotless” apartment in Milwaukee.

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What Has Happened to Shari Dahmer?

Now in her eighties, Shari still resides in her house in eville, Ohio with her husband and Jeffrey's grandfather, Lionel. She had earlier claimed that the pair are now living in an area where “nobody disturbs” them.

Who is Shari Dahmer?

While Shari is proud to have the Dahmer name, Jeffrey's brother David sought to remove himself from the moniker by officially changing his name. It was a tool I employed in the professional arena. And I still use it. Authenticity is something I have no reason to conceal. She emphasized that we had done nothing improper.

Shari and Lionel supported Jeffrey during his trial and made regular visits to his prison cell. Although they did not support his criminal actions, they did show sympathy for him.

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What Does Shari Think About Jeffrey's Horrific Crimes?

Shari has repeatedly asserted that Jeffrey suffered from mental illness and that we must take measures to protect society from repeating his mistakes. A piece of Jeffrey's soul expired many years ago, Lionel and Shari once said.

Shari stated, “We must look into what he has done and why he has done it,” when asked about her desire to do “everything that we could do to sidestep or prevent another Jeff,” during an interview.

So, once more, if we learn about Jeff and feel compassion for him just in regard to what led to the development of his monster, we might be able to help avoid the development of monsters in other people.

She Spoke About the Killings on “Larry King Live”

Shari Dahmer and her husband Lionel Dahmer appeared on Larry King Live in 2004, ten years after their son Jeffrey Dahmer was murdered by beating. They were not shy about discussing their strange experience of bringing up a killer on the show.

To explain their sudden willingness to be on camera, the pair said they felt compelled to do so in order to assist others. Suppressing the emergence of yet another Jeff would be a great boon. Shari Dahmer remarked at the time, “It has not been that easy and neither nobody permits us to forget it.”

She continued, “We must surely investigate what and why he has done it, so if we learn more about Jeff, then perhaps we can prevent the blooming monsters in others.”

Shari Dahmer also drew press attention to herself by having her husband use the surname Dahmer, which had become connected with Jeffrey's murderous legacy.

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I'm not going to lie and we didn't do anything wrong, so there's no point in me trying to hide who I am. Shari Dahmer declared, “I am still proud of my name and I still use it in the professional world.”

Jaffrey Dahmer's Brutal End

Christopher Scarver, a fellow prisoner at the Columbia Correctional Facility, beat the terrible Dahmer to death. At the age of 34, he passed away on November 28, 1994, while incarcerated in Portage, Wisconsin.