Who Is Rosalia Dating: Is He Rauw Alejandro?

There have been numerous relationship rumors surrounding Spanish singer and actress Rosala since the debut of her single “Con Altura” at the beginning of this year.

As a result, despite the numerous reports linking her to everyone, from Bad Bunny to J Balvin, the 29-year-old has kept her relationship status quiet… until now.

Rosalía announced her relationship with Puerto Rican artist Rauw Alejandro in an Instagram post. Together, they played video games to celebrate Rosala's 29th birthday, and she captioned the photo “Bliss.”ecvuc

As a result, what exactly is Rauw Alejandro like? Rosala's new boyfriend has a lot of details that you should know.

Has Been Manifesting His Relationship With Rosalía Since 2018

The first album of flamenco classics by Rosalía noted for her new renditions of traditional flamenco music, was released in 2017.

Rauw (actual name Ral Ocasio Ruiz) appears to be one of her most ardent supporters ever since. Fans quickly took to social media after learning about Rauw and Rosala's romance to demonstrate just how smitten Rauw is with her.

“RAUW X ROSACEA” was Rauw's tweet in 2018; “I have a crush on Rosala” was Rauw's admission to MoluscoTV in 2019.

When Tony Dandrades asked him about his feelings for Rosala in a 2020 interview, he didn't hold back, gushing about her again.

Who Is Rosalia Dating

As he put it at the time: “I'm not going to lie, for me, Rosalia is the gorgeous person there is.” He then added that he had been doing everything he could to grab her attention.


“Dile an Él,” which means “inform him,” is the name of the song they wrote together in 2020.

It's Official! on Instagram: ‘Bliss.'

Did Rosalía Ever Date Bad Bunny?

Due to cute photos of Rosala and Bad Bunny on Instagram with the message “Creo que me enamoré,” or “I think I fell in love,” the public began to suspect that the two singers were dating in 2019.

Despite this, Rosala has rejected claims that she was seeing the Conejo Malo, telling Entertainment Tonight in the following statement: “He's a friend of mine, and I trust him. He's a good guy.”

Gabriela Berlingheri, Bad Bunny's reported fiancée, made waves in August 2020 when she released a video of herself dancing along to a catchy track while driving, and admirers quickly noticed the enormous diamond she was sporting on her left hand.

In September 2021, just days before Rosala's first post starring Rauw, the couple made their red carpet debut.

Who Is Rosalia Dating

Now that Rauw and Rosala have joined Instagram, we can finally restate those rumors!

Frequently Asked Question

Are Rosalía and RAUW Still Dating?

Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro Are Still Very Much in Love After Confirming Their Relationship. Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro are officially dating! The Spanish singer confirmed their relationship on Instagram on Sept.

Did Bad Bunny Get Married?

Berlingeri, who shot Bad Bunny's Rolling Stone cover back in 2020 (later turned into a T-shirt), posted an Instagram Story wearing the dress and teasing the song, leading fans to speculate that the couple did tie the knot. However, a rep for Bad Bunny confirms the two didn't get hitched.