Who is Ronald Flowers? Explaining How He Escaped Dahmer’s Attempt to Kill Him!

Dahmer Monster, the last true crime show on Netflix, One of the most infamous serial killers in American history has his horrific true narrative told in The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

Between 1978 and 1991, Dahmer brutally murdered 17 men and boys; his murder rampage ended for the 14th time when one of his victims escaped.

Actor Evan Peters (American Horror Story, Mare of Eastown) plays the title role as the ” Milwaukee Cannibal” in this 10-part series.

The series chronicles the tragic endings of his victims and the escapees, such as Ronald Flowers and Tracy Edwards.

But how did Ronald Flowers getaway, and where is he now? Once you have that, you will know everything else.

Who Exactly is Ronald Flowers?

In episode five of the Netflix show, Ronald Flowers (here referred to as “Ron”) is featured.

Flowers' grandmother heard the entire interaction and intervened to make sure Flowers was okay after Dahmer had lured him back to the house, poisoned him with coffee, and prepared to kill him.

Flowers recovers consciousness at the hospital and calls the authorities. Dahmer was arrested, but he was able to trick the police into thinking they were in a relationship. There is no follow-up to Flower's report, and Dahmer is released from prison despite his history of sexual assault convictions.

How Did Ronald Flowers and Dahmer Cross Paths?

Flowers, who had been residing in Lake County, Illinois, met Dahmer in 1988 while the two were both visiting Milwaukee. He was in town for a stay with friends and spent his evenings dancing at the local hotspot, club 219.

who is ronald flowers

Flowers' companions had already left, and when he tried to get into his car to drive home, he found that it wouldn't start.

Dahmer, ever the good Samaritan, steps in at this juncture, inviting Flowers to visit his grandmother's house nearby so that they might borrow another vehicle to jump-start Flowers'.

Netflix's TheCinemaholic claims that Flowers ran into Dahmer at the same club a year later, but that Dahmer denied knowing who Flowers was when confronted.

Flowers also advises a Black man Dahmer is about to drive with that Dahmer is “mad.”

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What Has He said About the Experience?

Avoiding the spotlight, Flowers has only spoken publicly about his time with Dahmer once, in the documentary Jeffrey Dahmer: Mind of a Monster.

His time spent under Dahmer's influence was “pure dread,” he said, and “a nightmare.”

who is ronald flowers

He woke up in the hospital with a ligature mark around his neck and his underwear inside out, as he recounted in the documentary.

Flowers claims “the last thing I saw was the floor and his shoes” after consuming the coffee, feeling disoriented, and collapsing to the ground.

He alerted the police about the assault, but they told him, “well, it's his word against your word.”

She continued, “I got up and yelled, ‘You're going to catch this expletive one day,' and I went out. As soon as he did it once, I knew he'd do it again. I had an innate sense of that.

Flowers gave testimony against Dahmer in which he claimed that the only thing that saved his life was Dahmer's grandma.

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Where Can We Find Ronald Flowers at the Moment?

Flowers has avoided publicity and rarely discusses his meeting with Dahmer outside of the documentary Jeffrey Dahmer: Mind of a Monster.

While testifying at Dahmer's trial, he was employed as a counselor with the Lake County Division of Mental Health, he writes.

In the Netflix Series, Who Plays Ron Flowers?

Flowers is played by Dyllón Burnside, who is well known for his role as Ricky Evangelista in Pose.

The actor used Twitter to talk about his “challenging, emotional and confronting” role in the Netflix show.

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The cops did nothing to stop him as he killed unarmed civilians, as his caption puts it. We will not, however, forget their accounts. A Monster Named DAHMER At 12 a.m., The Jeffrey Dahmer Story will be available on Netflix. We found this one to be particularly challenging, touching, and direct. Sharing Ronald's experience, I pray, may help others find peace.


Monster Ryan Murphy's The Jeffrey Dahmer Story can now be viewed on the streaming service.

While the show did a good job of illustrating the consequences of poor parenting, it also had a darker side, in which genuine victims like Ronald Flowers were highlighted. It recounts the life of cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer and explores the motivations behind his mass-murderous rampage.

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