Who is the Real Genius? Know All About it Here

In every generation, there are 10 % of people who are born as a genius. But some of them do not get the opportunity, and others make the most out of this opportunity. I will talk about a movie that is based on a genius; the movie is called “Real Genius“.

In 1985, Martha Coolidge, an American science fiction comedy written by Neal Israel, Pat Proft, and Peter Torokvei, and starred in his picture Val Kilmer and Gabriel Jarret.

The film is on the campus of the Caltech-like Pacific Tech University for Science and Engineering. In his senior year, Chris Knight (Kilmer) works on a chemical laser, a genius.

Mitch Taylor (Jarret) is a new campus student who works on the project in conjunction with Knight. The picture was critically favourable, and the box office in North America increased by $12 million.

It is a movie to include in your list of best movies of Val Kilmer.

real genius

What is the Movie all About?

The CIA has secretly engaged Prof. Jerry Hathaway to create the power source for “Crossbow” at Pacific Technical University: an exact laser weapon to engage in unlawful outside political murders.

Except for his graduate student and today Kent, Hathaway utilises his status to attract smart kids to perform his work for him.

Mitch Taylor, a brilliant high school student, is Hathaway's most recent prospect. Despite his youth and inexperience, Hathaway assigns Mitch the project's main role owing to his unique and original laser physics concepts.

Mitch shares a room with Chris Knight, a teammate who is a legend in the “National Physics Club” and one of Mitch's heroes. Mitch's image of Chris, on the other hand, is shattered when Chris turns out to be more of a slacker than a dedicated student.

Meanwhile, Hathaway thinks Mitch will urge Chris to clean up his act and that their two brilliant minds will be able to come up with a decent power source.

Mitch is under pressure to finish the job as the deadline approaches, but Chris maintains his casual attitude. Kent informs Hathaway about Mitch's invitation to a pool party to let off stress, and Hathaway chastises Mitch. Mitch breaks down in tears when he calls his parents and tells them he wants to return home (unaware that Kent is recording the call).

What is the Production Story?

Martha Coolidge spent months studying laser technology and CIA policy for Real Genius, as well as interviewing hundreds of Caltech students.  Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel rewrote the screenplay significantly, followed by Coolidge and Peter Torokvei.

Val Kilmer brought candy bars and did stunts when he walked in to audition for the part of Chris Knight, according to producer Brian Grazer. Kilmer had a different take on it.

The production team popped popcorn nonstop for three months to accomplish the home filled with popcorn during the film's finale. The popcorn was sprayed with a fire retardant to prevent it from combusting, and it was covered to prevent birds from eating it and perhaps poisoning them.

The popcorn was then delivered to a new community in Canyon Country, northwest of Los Angeles, where it was installed in the house.

 Real Genius got a rating of 74% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 31 reviews. “The picture is finest when it takes [the kids] seriously, though it does so only occasionally,” Janet Maslin said in her New York Times review.

Wrapping Up

So now you are all set to watch this movie; plan a few hours from your schedule to enjoy this movie. For more gossip about your favourite movies or series, go and explore our website.