Who is Ramy Youssef? The Rising Comedian and Star of the Hit Series Ramy!

If you haven’t heard the name Ramy Youssef, don’t worry, you’re going to. There’s a lot of hype going around about the New York-born comedian. While Youssef has been in the game for almost a decade, it’s only recently that fans have really begun to talk.

With Daniel Craig about to complete his term as James Bond, an unexpected candidate has surfaced. During a recent interview, Youssef told Page Six, he doesn’t simply want to be the next 007, he will be the new James Bond. So just who is Ramy Youssef? Where did he come from, what is he doing, and who’s in his life?

Who Is Ramy Youssef?

Originally from Egypt, American-born comedian, actor, writer, and director Ramy Youssef has become a household name. He was born in New Jersey, USA. He is most known for his portrayal of Ramy Hassan on the Hulu comedy series Ramy, for which he received nominations for a Golden Globe and a Peabody Award in 2020.

In 2021, he received yet another Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy Series.

Who is Ramy Youssef

Ramy Youssef Biography

On March 26, 1991, he entered the world in the city of Rutherford, New Jersey. As of this year, he will be 33 years old. Egyptian-American Muslims gave birth to Ramy Youssef. As soon as we learn more about his family, we will share it with you.


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With his partner, he heads up Inside Joke Films and has contributed to a wide variety of comedic productions. Although he completed high school, Ramy Youssef chose not to continue his education past high school.

As a result, we are unable to determine his level of schooling. Actor and comedian, he is currently in demand. He supposedly co-created and wrote the USA television series Mr. Robot, in which he appeared three times during the third season.

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What is Ramy About?

American comedic actor Ramy Youssef stars in the comedy-drama Ramy. Besides playing the lead role, he also serves as the show's creator and writer. It follows his character as he goes about his regular life as a Muslim in the United States.

According to the show's official synopsis, “Ramy is a first-generation American Muslim-Arab who is on a spiritual quest in his politically divided New Jersey neighborhood.

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This book “explores the difficulties of being stuck between an Egyptian community that views life as a moral test and a generation that views life as having no consequences.”

Is Ramy Based on His Real Life?

Yes. He served as an inspiration for Ramy. His protagonist is a New Jersey native and spends much of his formative years there. Both of Ramy's actual parents emigrated to the United States from Egypt, therefore he shares their ancestry.

Who is Ramy Youssef

In any case, Ramy has made a valid point that the show is only based on true events very loosely. And it's not based only on the author's life. He told Bustle, “I've always had a creative outlet and this character doesn't.

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I've been doing comedy and producing stuff and making things since I was like 17. As the author puts it, “this is very much like an alternate world version of myself where I kind of tried to think, where would I be if I was sitting with all my problems.” And what would it be like if my family wasn't as talkative as mine is?

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