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Who is Qui Yasuka? The Woman Featured on Drake’s “Her Loss” Album Cover!

The artwork for Drake and 21 Savage's latest album, titled “Her Loss,” was made public a few weeks ago. Fans were left with more questions than answers after seeing a close-up of a young woman with jewels in her mouth and bright eyelashes on the cover.

The lady in question is model Qui Yasuka, or Suki Baby as she's known on the ‘gramme. Drake posted the album cover to Instagram with the statement “Her Loss Front Cover,” leaving his followers to speculate about the identity of the woman depicted.


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 Who is Qui Yasuka?

Qui Yasuka is often referred to by her alias, “Suki Baby.” Famous for her talents as a dancer, model, and manicurist, Qui Yasuka has quite the resume. She performs as an adult dancer in Houston, Texas. The model, Qui Yasuka, was born in 1998 in the US state of North Carolina. Her current age is 24.

She had a predominantly American upbringing before moving to Japan as an adult. Also, she's quite good at 3D design. In August of 2022, she tweeted that she used to be a talented 3D artist and designer.

She claimed she started drawing and experimenting with 3D design while still in high school. During the same time period, she started her own nail business.

Qui Yasuka Biography

Qui is a well-known dancer and model. Various sources have stated that she is of Japanese, Black, and Cherokee origin. Yasuka was reportedly born in North Carolina, United States, in 1998.

who is qui yasuka?

At the time of this writing (2022), she will have turned 24. Quiana Yasuka is her complete given name. In addition to her real name, she goes by Suki Baby. Supposedly born in North Carolina, she spent her formative years in Japan and then in Houston, Texas.

For her senior year, she enrolled at a nearby high school. She has had an early fascination with nail art. As a high schooler, she also began experimenting with creative nail art. Upon finishing her education, she went to work as a dancer and nail technician.

Real Name Quiana Yasuka.
Also Known as Qui Yasuka, Suki Baby
Dancer, Model, Social Media Influencer, Media Face, Content Creator, Onlyfans Star, and Entrepreneur.
Age (as of 2022) 24 Years Old.

Learn About Qui Yasuka Net Worth Right Here

At the moment, Qui Yasuka has amassed over 2,600 OnlyFans, and her monthly subscriptions cost $25. These estimates suggest that she should earn close to $780,000 each year.

In addition, her Twitch channel has over 1,500 subscribers and generates over $50,000 in annual revenue for her. Moreover, she runs a YouTube channel with fewer than 2,000 followers. That being the case, it's safe to assume that she's not making a killing from it.

She also makes money as an exotic dancer and the owner of a nail salon, in addition to the other things I mentioned. In contrast, the average yearly salary of an exotic dancer in the United States is roughly $40,000.

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This is far lower than the revenue generated by a successful nail shop in the United States, which is close to $575,000.

Qui Yasuka Personal Life

This incredible woman has worked with a plethora of well-known rappers and musicians. However, she remains tight-lipped about her dating life. Maybe Quiana has found the love of her life and is engaged or seriously dating.

We will investigate whom she is currently dating and who her boyfriend is. Quiana Yasuka has worked with numerous famous rappers, including Drake, 21 Savage, and many more. Not only does she not discuss her romantic history, but she also does not share any details about her current romantic relationships.

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Instagram Profile: Qui Yasuka (Suki Baby)

In addition to her more than 91,000 Twitter followers, whom she goes by the handle “Bankroll Freakho,” Suki Baby (Quiana Yasuka) has nearly 30,000 Instagram followers, where she shares photographs from her photo shoots.

She also excels as a 3D artist. In a tweet from August of 2022, Suki stated that she has been drawing and 3D designing since she was a high school student.


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 She started doing nails while still in high school. Suki admitted that she has an intense fascination with teeth-based jewelry and grills and that she even owns books on dental anatomy to better understand the human mouth and the potential construction of grills. Her photographic prints are also for sale.

After returning from Japan a few years ago, she dropped out of college and “continued to dance” to make ends meet. She plans to go back to school and major in art or design.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Name of the Model on Drake's “Her Loss” Album Cover?

Suki Baby, a.k.a. Qui Yasuka.

When Was Qui Yasuka's (Suki Baby's) Birth?

In 1998, on April 19.

What Ethnicity Does Suki Baby Belong to?

Qui Yasuka is half Cherokee and half Japanese.

Where is Qui Yasuka From?

She is from North Carolina originally.

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