Who is Poisoning Kim Tate Emmerdale: Let’s Find Out!

Kim Tate is being poisoned by an unknown person, which Emmerdale confirmed after a gloved hand was seen putting poison into her brandy.

The Queen of Home Farm, played by Claire King on the ITV soap opera, doesn't know the real cause of her symptoms, which include losing her memory and feeling dizzy. She thinks she has dementia because of these things. Who is to blame?

Dawn Taylor

First up is Dawn Taylor, who fights with Kim because she tried to poison her drink in the middle of the Woolpack to ruin her meeting with her son's social worker and scare her into breaking up with Jamie.

Dawn was seen playing with Kim's liquor decanter after spending the night with Jamie at Home Farm. Fans are sure that Dawn is probably too obvious and that the natural killer will frame her.

Who is Poisoning Kim Tate Emmerdale

One fan wrote on Twitter: “So, I said Will immediately. But since it was in the middle of the night the last time, I'm not so sure. Gabby seems like a given. If that's the case, she'll find a way out. Most likely, Noah or Dawn did it!”

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Someone else said: “Will is the one who gives Kim the poison. He wants Jamie to pay attention to Kim instead of Dawn. He dislikes Dawn being with Jamie and might try to frame her as the murderer.”

Will Taylor

This week, the Queen of Home Farm caught Will snooping around and messing with her drinks trolley, which puts him in the frame for Kim's poisoning as well. Kim didn't believe Will when he said he was looking for a pen.

Then Kim said she'd had a tough week, and Will said it sounded like she deserved a brandy. Fans noticed that Will was acting weird, and they thought he might be poisoning Kim to get back at her for spiking his daughter's drink.

Who is Poisoning Kim Tate Emmerdale

One fan tweeted, “Will wants to get back at Kim for putting something in his daughter's drink!”Another person said, “I'm guessing Will or Dawn as payback for Kim trying to spike Dawn (and failing) before she met with Lucas to get him back.”

Gabby Thomas

Gabby is also a suspect because she wants to take over the Tate empire for her unborn child. The sneaky teenager was recently caught stealing from Kim's business accounts using her online banking logins.

Who is Poisoning Kim Tate Emmerdale

Fans think that the drinks that Gabby has been giving Kim are poisoned. When Kim confronted her, Gabby told Kim there was something wrong with her memory, which Kim believed. Kim called her doctor and asked for a test to see if she had dementia. Gabby told her to keep quiet.

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One said: “Gabby was giving Kim her poison drink. Why would Gabby give Kim Brandy for no reason? It has to be Gabby from #Emmerdale.” “Ginger tea with a drop of poison coming up from gabby #Emmerdale,” said someone else.