Who is N3ON? Everything to Know About the YouTuber!

In the vast landscape of the internet, where digital identities thrive and virtual personas emerge, one name has sparked curiosity and admiration among many: N3ON. But who exactly is N3ON, and what lies behind this enigmatic pseudonym?

Who is N3ON?

Rangesh Mutama, an American YouTuber and streamer, first rose to prominence on Twitch and YouTube as an NBA 2K content designer. When he initially began streaming in 2019, he decided to play a range of NBA 2K titles for more than three years, devoting more than 80% of his total stream time to this activity.

Who is N3ON

Rangesh spent most of his time grinding NBA games, but he finally got his “big break” when he began collaborating with other aspiring streamers to create content exclusively for Fortnite.

Rangesh now streams on Kick, Twitch, and YouTube every day. To keep his loyal audience interested and entertained, he continues to engage in questionable behavior.

N3ON Gets Pulled Over by Cops

A video was recently released to Kick showcasing N3on, a popular Gen-Z YouTuber and streamer, in which the 19-year-old celebrity and his entourage were stopped by deputies in West Hollywood.

According to TMZ, N3on and his group were stopped by law enforcement when their automobile was reported stolen, which the police cruiser's plate readers identified and reported.

Cops used force on N3on during a standard felony car stop. N3on then informed them that the car had been reported stolen and later recovered by the Los Angeles Police Department. To put it another way, it was compromised and found before they were aware of the upgrade.

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When deputies confirmed N3on's story, they discovered that the car had not been removed from the system. After being apprised of the problem, N3on was released without additional incident.

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