Who Is Mulatto Dating? Current Relationship Status and Dating History!

Alyssa Michelle Stephens, better known by her stage name Mulatto, is a promising newcomer to the rap scene. She has released several successful singles since winning the first season of The Rap Game in 2016, including “Bitch from da Souf” and “Muwop” featuring Gucci Mane. At the 2020 BET Hip Hop Awards, she was also nominated for Best New Hip Hop Artist.

Her personal life, however, has long been the subject of rumors and speculation. She has been accused of being romantically involved with several rappers, including 21 Savage and Key Glock. She claimed that she hasn't had a serious relationship with Key Glock since they were in high school and that she has a lot of respect for 21 Savage as a collaborator.

who is Mulatto dating? She does have a boyfriend, but she is not ready to announce his identity just yet. She insisted that she is content with her relationship behind closed doors and expressed a desire to keep it that way. She added that she has no interest in subjecting her partner to the glare of the public eye because of her own fame.

Who Is Mulatto Dating?

Miss Mulatto does not have a partner and is not married. At one point or another, Miss Mulatto has been in a committed relationship with another person. Before this, she had never been in a marriage before.

Fans and members of the general public have been fascinated by Mulatto's past romantic relationships for a long time. The identity of Miss Mulatto's boyfriend was not difficult to deduce. It is more challenging to maintain a current awareness of Mulatto's romantic partnerships.Who Is Mulatto DatingRead More Who Is Shep Rose Dating? Past Relationships, Current Controversies, and More

Rumors Circulated About Mulatto

At the beginning of the year, rumors circulated that Mulatto and Savage 21 were romantically involved. Because their social media posts were so similar to one another, people began to speculate that the two were traveling together.

There are rumors that Savage 21 celebrated Mulatto's birthday in Puerto Rico, where the rapper was reportedly present. They have known each other for a reasonably long period of time. Mulatto and Savage 21 worked together on Pull Up as a collaborative project.

Mulatto Dating History

Partner Duration
21 Savage 2022
Key Glock 2019 – 2020
Bandit Gang Marco 2015 – 2017

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Throughout her career as a talented rapper and songwriter, Mulatto has been in a number of relationships that have been noteworthy. In the year 2022, she was rumored to be involved romantically with the famous rapper 21 Savage. Even though they were together for a certain amount of time, the length of time that they were actually partners is a secret that has never been made public.

Before that, Mulatto spent the years 2019 and 2020 in a relationship with Key Glock, who is also a prominent rapper. Their relationship, which lasted for more than a year, gained a lot of attention within the music industry as well as among their fans.

Moving further back in time, Mulatto was romantically involved with the musician Bandit Gang Marco, who is best known for his work in the genres of R&B and hip-hop. Their partnership started in 2015 and lasted all the way through 2017. This marked a significant period of companionship in Mulatto's personal life as it lasted until 2017.

The Known Facts About Latto and 21 Savage

Savage Removes Post in March 2021-2022

Who Is Mulatto Dating

On his Instagram story, 21 Savage shared an image of Latto that he had previously posted. The photograph makes it appear as though Latto has recently exited the Hermes store, as she is shown walking with a Hermes bag while flashing the peace sign. She is wearing an easygoing outfit while beaming at the camera and posing for the photo.

When is Latto's birthday in October 2021?

Who Is Mulatto Dating

21 Savage was presented with a unique birthday cake on the occasion of his 29th birthday. Evidently, the NSFW cake was heart-shaped with a note that read, “Lemme suck that d***”. Therefore, once fans saw this, they instantly pointed the finger of suspicion at Latto. The rapper known for the song “Bank Account” also displayed his room, which was decked out with red balloons and roses and also featured lit candles spelling out the number 21.

Savage, true to form, did not divulge the identity of the person who carried out these actions on his behalf. Fans are pointing the finger at Latto, claiming that the note's message is something she would say because it sounds just like her. It's possible that the 777 rapper is keeping this to herself, or it's also possible that she didn't do this at all. We are only left to speculate.


While she has had notable romantic partnerships in the past, including with 21 Savage, Key Glock, and Bandit Gang Marco, there is no information indicating that she is currently dating anyone. However, it's important to note that celebrity relationships can be subject to privacy and change, and new developments may have occurred since then. Fans and followers will likely continue to keep an eye out for updates on Mulatto's dating life as her career progresses.

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