Who is Mrbeast Dating? Who Is His New Girlfriend?

MrBeast, aka Jimmy Donaldson, has the most subscribers on YouTube despite his “suspiciously” clean reputation. Recently, he came under fire for releasing a video in which he helped one thousand previously blind persons regain their sight.

This has led to a surge of curiosity among the content creator's followers about his romantic relationships. In this article, we will see Who Is Mrbeast Dating?. Keep reading to know everything in detail.

Who Is MrBeast Dating?

MrBeast is seeing Thea Booysen at the moment. Since Booysen lives in Cape Town, South Africa, the couple is engaged in a long-distance relationship. She revealed that she and controversial YouTuber Logan Paul and travel vlogger Casey Niestat were the first to meet Donaldson on his visit to her country, and she did so while appearing on Joshua Robin's show, Wide Awake.

Who is Mrbeast Dating

I was familiar with MrBeast. From a psychological standpoint, she was wondering if his admirers were faking their enthusiasm. “I knew the great things he was doing, but I was also curious,” she explained. Booysen and Donaldson went on a coffee date after they met through mutual friends.

Who Is Thea Booysen?

Booysen broadcasts on Twitch. She has almost 22,000 fans on the service, and she uses it to entertain them by playing video games like Stray and Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. She's just getting started, but she's already amassed 23,100 subscribers to her YouTube channel, where she goes by the name TheaBeasty.

The psychology and law graduate wrote a science fiction novel for young adults called The Marked Children in 2022. Booysen has been in a previous MrBeast video, 100 Boys Vs. 100 Girls for $500,000, in a cameo role.

She said, “I guess I could do this 100 hours challenge.” when discussing taking the job. In an interview with Wide Awake, Booysen discussed the difficulties of her relationship with MrBeast.

”Going out as Mr. Beast's [girlfriend] was quite nerve-wracking,” she admitted. Phrases like “Oh, she's gonna break his heart” and “She's gonna be a gold digger” are frequently heard. But she's strong enough now to ignore it.

Who is Mrbeast Dating

She continued, “I don't take it seriously at all like, I know this is the process that's going to take place as people are going to assume the worst of course.” To paraphrase: “They don't even know [me].”

Booysen is much more than a viral sensation on the internet, therefore of course they don't. “You can tell she likes learning, she's about to get a neuroscience degree just for fun, not even to get a job,”

He said, “And so she was like, checking all the boxes, and I have like, these 10 things.” We'll be best friends for sure if I meet a lovely female who also possesses these 10 qualities, right? She double-checked each and every one of them.

Who Has MrBeast Dated In The Past?

MrBeast revealed the news to the world not too long ago that he had broken up with Maddy Spidell. She, like Booysen, has spoken out about the stigma of being called a “gold digger” because of her relationship with Donaldson.

Spidell had to defend herself from the trolls despite the fact that they had managed to keep their relationship secret. “If it wasn't clear – I don't want MrBeast for his money, just want a bf with good taste in anime who can make me laugh, leave me alone, and let me have an unattainable internet crush LMFAO,” she tweeted before deleting it.

In June 2019, Spidell began dating MrBeast. In 2022, they ended their relationship, but they never said why. In April of that year, during an interview with Rolling Stone, Donaldson confirmed the news.

According to the magazine, “He recently split from lifestyle influencer Maddy Spidell, who has appeared in a handful of his videos,” and some in his inner circle told me that Spidell had been a constructive influence, forcing Donaldson to prioritize work-life balance more.

Donaldson declined an on-the-record interview on the breakup, claiming Spidell's right to privacy. However, Tyson claims that Donaldson's obsession with his job was a big role in the split.

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