Who is Marshmello? His Face REVEALED! | Why Does He Wear That Helmet?

Marshmello has been around this year. This year, Marshmello has appeared everywhere—most recently at the 2022 Grammy Awards, where he is nominated for Best Dance/Electronic Album. The age-old query “What does Marshmello look like in real life?” has also been trending on Google. Under his enormous marshmallow mask, what do you know about him?

It was just a matter of time before our research gave THE ANSWERS YOU WANT. Remember that Marshmello hasn't officially revealed his identity, even though it's 99.9 percent evident who he is.

So, Who Is Marshmello?


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Skrillex was a significant factor in the ‘unmasking' of Marshmello, who celebrated his birthday on May 19, 2016. In 2017, DJ Christopher Comstock (sometimes known as Dotcom) was confirmed to be Marshmello's real name after years of speculation. Christopher's birthday falls on the same day.

According to Forbes, Marshmello and Dotcom/Christopher Comstock's management rosters and the manager mentioned on Marshmello's holding company, Christopher Comstock, were the same person on November 14, 2017.

There were signs as soon as 2015, as Katie Couric interviewed Skrillex, and he received a phone call midway through the interview, which was impressive detective work. In addition, unnamed sources consulted by the publication confirmed that Chris Comstock is the same as Dotcom and the same as Marshmello. In addition, anonymous sources consulted by the magazine confirmed that Chris Comstock is the same as Dotcom and the same as Marshmello. Skrillex's response to Katie's musing, “It's Chris,” was, “Oh, Marshmello.”

Chris Comstock does not wear a mask and has an official Instagram account means that if Marshmello is, in fact, Chris Comstock, photos of him are easy to come by.

He Loves To Troll People

Among Marshmello's many false revelations, my personal favorite was him persuading Shawn Mendes to impersonate him at the 2018 iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards.

Do Not Expect Him to Remove the Mask Off His Face


Marshmello will not confirm or deny his identity no matter how certain the internet becomes. “I don't take my helmet off because I don't want or need fame,” he wrote. In my heart, I'm attempting to build something that others can relate with… Having a helmet makes me marshmello, and it also makes you marshmello. Therefore we're all marshmello.”

Earlier this year, he told the Recording Academy that Shockwave (in which Marshmallow voices himself) is “not really about following a person about and observing everything they do. Seeing the helmet, hearing the music, and saying what I say is all nice, but I don't think it's about me as a person,” he continues.


As his manager noted to Forbes, “For us, it was a question of how do you develop a brand accessible to everyone and that everyone can be and connect to? Making a universal character was one of our goals while creating Mello.

There have been lots of DJs before Marshmello who never removed their masks! When Daft Punk is perhaps most known for wearing masks while playing, a few unmasked photos of them floating around as well.)

Has Marshmello Ever Been Into a Fight With Someone?

This isn't the first time EDM has fought with its hands. Deadmau5 was frequently mentioned in his music videos during the early stages of Mello's career. According to EDM.com, Deadmau5 was ultimately irritated enough by the trolls that he revealed Mello's true identity. As a result, many, including Skrillex, criticized the mouse for behaving in a bully-like manner.

“Did you know that I grew up listening to Deadmau5? I'd rather avoid getting too involved with it. Marshmello told GQ that “he's absolutely a pioneer of electronic dance music.”

That's not the case. And as far as the mask is concerned, I harbor no ill feelings toward him.” Overall, Mello is done with public feuds. When asked what might be done, he answered,

“I think there may perhaps be some more compassion.” I feel like time has stood still, and individuals have had an opportunity to reflect on who they are. Just a little bit of relaxation for all the genre beef.”

How Many Artists Has Marshmello Assisted?

Joytime, Marshmello's debut studio album, was released following that initial spike of fame. Next came Joytime II and Joytime III before Shockwave arrived in June 2021. Alone, Keep It Mello, and Silence, which features Khalid, have been among Marshmello's most popular singles.

Although he has enjoyed success as a solo musician, Mello has also collaborated with other artists. His collaborations include songs with Selena Gomez (“Wolves,” “Friends,” “Logic,” “Every day,” “Happier,” “Project Dreams,” “Kane Brown,” “Be Kind,” “Come & Go,” and “OK Not to Be OK”). Only a few of these artists have collaborated with him.