Who Is Markiplier Dating: Meet the Youtuber’s Multitalented Girlfriend of 5 Years

Markiplier is one of the lucky few YouTube stars with a long history of success. He's been on YouTube since 2012, and his fame has steadily increased over time.

Having more than 31 million subscribers and a sizable fortune, he's had a lot of attention on his life, and he's not afraid to share it. As a result, he's been upfront about some of the difficult experiences he's had, and he hasn't held back.

When it comes to his personal life, Markiplier has likewise been extremely forthcoming. Introducing Markiplier's longtime lover, Amy “Peebles” Nelson.

It's reasonable that the two were shyer when they first started dating, but as their relationship progressed they became more outspoken. For Markiplier, Peebles was an integral component of his “Unus Annus” series, which was released in 2012.

No one knows who Peebles is, despite the fact that they've been together for quite some time. Peebles, like Markiplier, is a unique individual with a distinct set of interests and activities.

Amy and Markiplier Have Been Together Since 2015

In 2016, Mark and Amy attended VidCon as a couple, despite the fact that their relationship had not been officially confirmed prior to that appearance. “What else do you guys want from us heck,” Amy said in response to a photo of herself and her boyfriend with the remark “oh gosh.”

Markiplier's admirers rushed to dismiss the proof of a romantic relationship between the two, suggesting they may just be pals who attended an event together. When asked, even Jacksepticeye said he needed the information on paper and signed.

Who Is Markiplier Dating

However, as time went on, it became evident that the two were in a relationship.

They had been dating for a longer period of time than previously stated, according to Peebles' Instagram account.

On her Instagram page in 2020, she wrote, “5 years so we can be a Lil corny!” While the two aren't afraid to flaunt their relationship, they've kept their origins a mystery.

There are stories about “how we met” that have been made up to divert the conversation.

Amy's Made Plenty of Appearances on Markiplier's Channel

Markiplier and Peebles have been together for a long time, and Peebles has appeared on his channel nearly as often. It was during Markiplier's fifth attempt at the “DON'T LAUGH CHALLENGE #5” in 2016 that Amy made her first appearance in the video.

She appeared for a brief moment and then disappeared from view as the others tried to keep their composure.


When she first met Markiplier, she was featured in a number of his YouTube videos, including one in which she performed his make-up. For years, she's proven her involvement off-screen on her own social media accounts.

Who Is Markiplier Dating

There have been images of her in “Unus Annus” and Markiplier's “Heist” video that she has uploaded on social media

In spite of her occasional appearances in Markiplier's YouTube videos, she used to be more active on her own Twitch channel.

Amy Had Her Own Twitch Channel

PlanetPeebs was Amy's Twitch channel in the past. She would make and sell her own pottery on her YouTube channel.

Her latest custom collection featured a polka-dot motif reminiscent of a circus tent or a clown. She is highly accomplished. According to her Twitch website, she would also stream games from time to time.

Although she hasn't streamed in over a three-year period, she's still garnered more than 20,000 subscribers to her channel.

Who Is Markiplier Dating

Despite the fact that she no longer streams on YouTube, there are still a number of compilations of her Livestream videos that can be seen on the site. Of course, she's also appeared on Markiplier's live feeds.

On Instagram, Peebles appears to be more interested in editing and behind-the-scenes work than she is in front of the camera. It's possible that she's been distracted from her pottery work due to her many posts about it.

Amy Loves Coffee

It's hard to go through the day without that extra kick of energy that comes with a hot cup of joe in the morning. Peebles surely does, as seen by the numerous ways in which she has proclaimed her affection for the beverage.

When she posts a picture of her coffee cup on Instagram, she captions it with the phrase “every coffee across the country.”

Who Is Markiplier Dating

Chick-fil-A, McDonald's, and Starbucks were just some of the well-known names on the list of coffee cups available for takeout or brewing at home. Even the coffee at the Holiday Inn made the cut.

In addition, her social media accounts are all named after coffee products. iceddarkroast is her Twitter handle, while iceddorast is her Instagram handle. The majority of her pottery consists of mugs of coffee.

When it comes to coffee, she does a lot of social media promotion for the beverage, but she also does a lot of promotion for her pups.

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