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Who Is Madison Bailey Dating: ‘Outer Banks’ Cast’s Dating Histories

Over on the Outer Banks, there must be something in the water. A few days after Sarah and John B co-stars Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes admitted they're dating, another OBX co-star has revealed she's also in a new relationship.

On TikTok, Outer Banks actress Madison Bailey announced her relationship with UNC-Charlotte basketball star Mariah Linney, 21, who plays Kiara. Here's all we know about Bailey's new flame, including how TikTok first introduced them.

The Couple Is Instagram and Tiktok Official

Bailey made her pans*xuality known on TikTok at the end of May, adding, “Pans*xuality is a term that no one can define. Children of all s*xes, including transgender children and nonbinary newborns. Boo, it's all about what's within.”

An Instagram photo from September 2019 captioned “Easily distracted by all genders” hinted at her s*xuality.


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Almost 13 million people have seen Bailey's latest TikTok, which confirmed her relationship with Linney. After repeatedly mouthing along to the audio that says, “I'm not falling,” Bailey concludes by saying, “Okay, I'm falling,” in the video. Then, with a big smile and an embrace, Bailey draws Linney into the picture.


Surprise 🖤 @mariahlinney

♬ I'm not falling, your falling – Owen Cave.

On June 15, Linney shared a picture of herself and Bailey with her almost 45,000 Instagram followers to make their relationship official. “💍‼️”Bailey commented on the post.

Linney Is an Accomplished Basketball Player for the Charlotte 49ers

At the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Linney is about to enter her senior year, while Bailey enjoys professional success with Netflix's Outer Banks. Linney is a sociology major from Goose Creek, South Carolina, and he has had a successful athletic career so far, as well.


According to her official roster page, Linney was selected as the USA Today High School Sports State Player of the Year as a senior at Goose Creek High School. Linney was a starter in every game of her most recent season, including all 30 games.

Linney is a regular poster on her social media feed during the season.

This Isn't Their First Time Getting Flirty on Social Media.

Even though Linney and Bailey's courtship was only recently made public, there were already hints on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Bailey commented beneath Linney's May post, “Mine mine and mine,” and under Linney's most recent post, “😍😍😍 wow wow,” last week. According to a tweet from the basketball star on June 13, “my girl is very talented, biggest fan.”

Who Is Madison Bailey Dating

Linney's TikTok, on the other hand, is where the couple's love is most evident. Several videos of Linney and Bailey dancing together have been posted since they confirmed their relationship.


@madsbaileybabe #fyp #foryou SafeguardSplash

♬ Gelato – ᴊᴏʀᴅᴀɴᴀᴜᴅɪᴏᴢᴢ 🦋


rare footage 🤩 @madsbaileybabe #fyp #foryou

♬ May Dance Mashup – VNDRE

Yes, They Can Thank Tiktok for Their Meet Cute

It's not clear how these two Gen-Zers came to meet. According to Linney's account, TikTok is the answer. Linney tagged one of their videos with the words “thanks to TikTok” just a few days ago.

Given that Bailey grew up in the same part of North Carolina as Linney does now, they could have run into each other before May.

Who Is Madison Bailey Dating

Linney is from South Carolina, where most Outer Banks were shot. Before the two started Instagram DMing, Bailey told Entertainment Tonight that Linney had caught his eye on TikTok.

The Couple's Relationship Quickly Became Serious

Their first date was a cinch to schedule because they lived just 20 minutes apart in Charleston. ‘Just come hang out,' I said to him while staying in a Charleston motel.

We can talk or relax. “Everything is shut down, so it's not like we can go out,” Bailey told ET, adding that Linney met her parents just three days after she was released from the hospital.

That's why I'm so concerned about it,” Bailey said. “I had no qualms about posting about it on social media because I thought, ‘No matter what happens, you'll always be a part of my life.'” I'm totally in love with her.

For her, basketball and her family are more than just sports; they're a part of who she is as an individual. The things she cares about show her passion and loyalty. “I believe I've found my soul mate.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Maddie Bailey have a boyfriend?

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte basketball player Bailey is dating is not one of her co-stars, as is the case with Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline. Mariah Linney's connection with Bailey was made public in June 2020.

Are Madison Bailey and Mariah Still Dating?

On TikTok, Outer Banks actress, and Kiara co-star Madison Bailey confirmed her relationship with UNC-Charlotte basketball player Mariah Linney. As a result, this is the identical software they used to connect. Bailey came out as a pans*xual on TikTok in late May.

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