Who Is Louis Tomlinson Dating: Complete Relationship Timeline With Eleanor Calder

During his time with One Direction as well as in the period after then, Louis Tomlinson has maintained a steady and committed relationship with his girlfriend Eleanor Calder.

Even though the pair was apart for a few years, it is evident that they are quite close to one another, and their connection has stayed strong ever since they got back together.

Everything you need to know about Louis and Eleanor, from how they first met to how long they've been together, is included in the following…

Who is Eleanor Calder?

Eleanor is a well-known fashion blogger and model who has amassed an incredible 3.4 million followers on Instagram.

After relocating from her native London to Manchester, the social media sensation is now 28 years old and completed her education in sociology at the University of Manchester.

who is louis tomlinson dating

She appears to be living in London with Louis at this point.

Are Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder Engaged?

Following the dissemination of a narrative on a gossip website among followers of One Direction, it was rumoured that Eleanor and Louis had become engaged in January of 2020.

On the other hand, a representative for Louis promptly dismissed the rumours to the tabloids.

How and When Did Eleanor and Louis Meet?

Fans of One Direction have a few different hypotheses regarding how Eleanor and Liam first became acquainted with one another. Some believe that Harry Styles was the friend who brought them together, while others believe that it was a friend of Eleanor's from university who knew 1D's management.

They made their debut appearance in public in 2011, when they attended Niall Horan's birthday celebration. After it was established that they were dating, their admirers began referring to them as Eleounor.

How Long Have Louis and Eleanor Been Together?

Louis and Eleanor had their first date in 2011, however, they broke up three years later in 2015.

who is louis tomlinson dating

They reconciled in 2017 and have been together continuously since then. Their romance is still going strong.

Why Did Louis and Eleanor Split?

The breakup of Louis and Eleanor's relationship was made public in March of 2015 when it was announced that they had parted ways. At the time, it was speculated that the breakup was due to the pop star's busy work schedule, which kept him apart from Eleanor for extended stretches of time. Louis and Eleanor had been together up until that point.


According to an article that was published in People Magazine, “They tried so hard to make it work but it was simply impossible — he's away for nine months a year and they eventually grew apart.”

After that, Louis had a baby named Freddie with his close friend Brianna Jungwirth in January of 2016, but he and Eleanor got back together the following year.

What Has Louis Said About His Relationship With Eleanor?

In previous interviews, Louis has demonstrated how deeply in love he is with his fiancée, despite the fact that the couple likes to keep their relationship private and out of the public spotlight.

Louis discussed his song “Back To You” and his relationship with Eleanor during an interview that aired in 2018 on Lorraine. He made the connection between the two.

who is louis tomlinson dating

He stated, “There are some personal situations that I relate to, and those things contribute to the songs.” It's nice to have something that isn't as intimately related to me as other things. It is purely coincidental that they are in a relationship with Eleanor.

However, the relationship described in the song is a volatile one. It's possible that they don't complement one other very well. That is not how I would characterize Eleanor at all. She is top-notch.”

Do Louis and Eleanor Have Children Together?

The man who already has a child, Brianna, is the biological mother of their son Freddie, thus the pair does not have any children together.

However, earlier this year he disclosed that he sees a future with Eleanor in an interview with a tabloid, saying: “One day, certainly, I'd imagine so. If that is the question you are asking, the answer is yes. I'd say that's the case! And more kids, I'd say so.”

His Other Relationships

Hannah Walker

Before he was a member of One Direction, Louis is said to have had a relationship with Hannah.


Briana Jungwirth

When Louis and Briana were sighted out and about together in May 2015, romance rumors began to circulate. It was then revealed that they were expecting a child in July of that year.

They may have broken up, but Louis and Briana welcomed Freddie into the world in January of that year.

Danielle Campbell

In November of last year, things began to heat up between Louis and Danielle. Louis ultimately resorted to Instagram to display his affection for the actress, who had kept their romance private in the beginning.

An image he posted in April 2016 with the caption “Lucky” read.

However, their split was first revealed in December 2016 despite them remaining together for the rest of that year.

Eleanor Calder

It was late 2011 when Louis and Eleanor were first seen together, and they later confirmed their relationship with numerous social media updates. Eleanor paid tribute to her ex-boyfriend on their one-year anniversary in November of that year. In March of last year, it was rumored that the couple had called it quits after a few years of being together.

Eleanor and Louis reconciled in early 2017 after a period of time apart during which Louis dated a few other women. Since then, they've been going strong.

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