Who Is Lil Uzi Dating: Rumors About Their Break Up

Fans of the City Girls’ JT and Lil Uzi Vert believe the duo has called it quits after the XO Tour Llif3 rapper tweeted and then erased the news that she had broken up with him.

“JT dumped me because of this stupid ass stuff. FML, I don’t even do anything, “He tweeted in the early hours of April 5.

Yesterday, the famous rapper continued to express his feelings over his breakup via Twitter: “I’m so lonely that I wonder whether you’d notice if I didn’t exist…

Uzi’s only thoughts “.

JT From City Girls and Lil Uzi Vert Dating? How Long Have They Been Dating?

JT, half of the rap duo City Girls, and Lil Uzi Vert have been rumored to be dating since late 2019, but neither has formally confirmed their relationship.

The hip-hop singers have frequently hinted at their romance on social media, including lyrics in their songs and tweets about each other.

who is lil uzi dating

However, it appears that the pair’s relationship has become more serious. Uzi, 26, recently tweeted about the ‘Act Up’ rapstress, stating, “JT is the one,” accompanied with a bat emoji.

When JT, 28, tweeted that she liked crab legs, Uzi was there to deliver the goods. “They’re on their way,” he tweeted, to which she responded, “they wrapped them up, thank you.”

A few days ago, the couple published and then deleted two tweets that appeared to be about each other. Uzi stated that he had “turned a hoe to a housewife,” while JT stated that she had “turned a trick on my husband.”

who is lil uzi dating

JT sparked romance rumors when she posted a series of mirror photos on social media, one of which showed a massive diamond-encrusted ring on her finger.

Some of Uzi’s followers recognized the ring as a handmade Elliot Eliantte piece commissioned by the rapper in 2019. Uzi commissioned Eliantte to create the $24 million pink diamond on his brow.

So Why Did Lil Uzi Vert and JT Break Up?

According to rumors, before his relationship with JT in 2015, Uzi attempted to shoot his shot with Distortedd on social media. “If you were meth, I’d do it all day,” he said to the Philadelphia musician.

Distorted shared Uzi’s previous tweet before deleting it on Monday (April 4). However, that was enough to upset the City Girl, who allegedly canceled her relationship with her boyfriend after viewing the resurrected tweet.

JT explained that Uzi initially lied and informed her that the Distortedd tweet was fake. “If it was 2012, he stated it was phony rather than ancient,” she wrote, adding:

“And because he wants to go on the internet about it, here you go!!!” Uzi expressed his dissatisfaction with social media shortly before the separation, writing, “I don’t see why y’all always trying f**k the small life I have going on up… damn what I do.”

This is not the first time the couple has prompted breakup rumors. The couple supposedly parted up in August 2021 after unfollowing one other on social media. Then there were accusations that they broke up because of Uzi’s behavior toward her City Girls bandmate Caresha.


In December, he put things right by renting out Nickelodeon Studios Park for her 29th birthday and presenting her with a McLaren. He boldly stated his love for him, tweeting in March:

“I love JT so much that I would do everything for her; she gives me the nicest feeling I’ve ever experienced.”

Lil Uzi Vert Blesses City Girls’ Jt for Her Birthday With Over $350k in Gifts.

JT turned 29 on Friday (December 3), so Uzi decided to lavishly shower her with gifts, including a brand new black McLaren 720s. The luxury sports car costs roughly $300,000 (albeit a McLaren F1 once sold for more than $20 million at auction).

“WTF!” she posted a photo of the car on Instagram. “I love youuuuuuu! @liluzivert.”

JT’s considerate boyfriend also reportedly paid $50,000 to hire out the entire Nickelodeon Studios Park at the American Dream Mall in New Jersey. According to TMZ, they brought about 20 buddies and spent the day riding the rides.

The Florida native captioned a series of images from the journey “Best Birthday Ever” and wrote in the caption, “I love you, I appreciate you.”

who is lil uzi dating

JT and her City Girls companion Yung Miami were in Los Angeles less than 24 hours later to attend the Variety Hitmakers Brunch, where they were awarded the Future Is Female Award. Yung Miami mentioned throughout their speech that it was difficult to pry JT away from her birthday celebrations.

“We’re just regular girls,” JT added. “One day we’d like to be rappers, the next day we’d like to be…” Then Young Miami interjected, finishing her sentence, “… with our men.” JT burst out laughing before thanking the “City Girls and City Boys” for their help.

Lil Uzi Vert and Jt Have Stopped Following Each Other on Social Media

Fans have noted that things appear to be amiss with Lil Uzi (actual name: Symere Bysil Woods) and JT’s relationship in the latest development.

To begin with, followers of both performers discovered that they had just unfollowed each other on social media. As a result, many assume JT — born Jatavia Shakara Johnson — and Lil Uzi are no longer together.

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