Lenny Kravitz Wife: Who Is She And Where Did She Met Her First?

In Los Angeles, Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet married in 2017. Bonet was previously married to musician Lenny Kravitz, with whom she shares a daughter, Zoe, before meeting and marrying Jason Momoa.

Fan speculation has arisen because Momoa and Kravitz previously wed the same woman. Observe how they've previously interacted and how they're currently interfacing.

When Kravitz and the 54-year-old Cosby Show veteran wed in 1987, they remained cordial co-parents to their daughter, Zoe Kravitz. Finally, the family welcomed Bonet when he married Momoa in 2005.

Wow, what a wonderful picture. I'm madly in love with you both. Divergent actress @prideofgypsies,” she wrote in the comment section on Saturday. A “like” from Channing Tatum, the Big Little Lies star's boyfriend, was posted on the photo.

The Cutest Family Quotes from Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet Together, Lenny and the native Hawaiian have been staunch supporters of one another's professional achievements and of one another's efforts to raise a mixed family.

26 May 1964 (age 58 years), Manhattan, New York, United States
Spouse: Lisa Bonet (m. 1987–1993)
Parents: Roxie Roker, Sy Kravitz
Height: 1.75 m
Children: Zoë Kravitz
Movies: The Hunger Games
Net Worth: $90 million


Bonet and Kravitz Were Married First

At a New Edition concert in the 1980s, Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet became close friends. Bonet's performance on The Cosby Show made him famous then, and Kravitz was engaged to another woman.

Who is Lenny Kravitz's Wife

  • It wasn't until they started dating that Kravitz's career took off; he had just released his first album. Their daughter Zoe was born in 1988, and they married the following year.
  • As of 1993, their divorce had been finalized, and their separation had been formalized. Kravitz has stated that he was emotionally unprepared to get into a marriage and accepts responsibility for the split.
  • For the sake of their child, the couple has kept tight ties throughout their separation. There appears to be no animosity between them.

And Then Came Jason Momoa

Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa fell in love when they met in 2005. When Momoa first saw Bonet on The Cosby Show, he was instantly smitten. An LA jazz club was the setting for their first encounter.

Since then, they've been together daily, raised two children, and married in 2017!

They've talked about one other's strengths in interviews and on social media for a long time. They're plainly in love with each other. In Momoa's telling, she's had a crush on him since he first saw her on a TV show years ago.

Who is Lenny Kravitz's Wife

On the other hand, Bonet declares that she has found “the love of my life” in Momoa.

Jason Momoa and Lenny Kravitz Are Family

When there are children involved, it's understandable that ex-spouses might harbor hatred toward one another. On the other hand, Lenny Kravitz and Jason Momoa are more than simply friendly.

  • Kravitz took to Twitter and Instagram to express his feelings to show his affection for Momoa in the friendliest way possible.
  • Kravitz wished Jason a happy birthday in an Instagram post. To call you my brother is a great honor for me. In the end, there is only one family and only one love.
  • However, Momoa is more than happy to show her affection back. Jason Momoa, the star of Mother of Pearl, has posted numerous selfies with Kravitz on social media, and he treats her with politeness and admiration at all times.
  • Additionally, Momoa has a close relationship with Kravitz's daughter Zoe and Bonet's daughter Ava, who he adores.
  • One of them has come up with some beautiful nicknames for the other. Papa Bear and Zozo Bear are the names Zoe and Momoa use to describe each other.

Who is Lenny Kravitz's Wife

  • Talk about the long-term goals of your blended family. This blended family is an excellent example of how it should be done.
  • There is no hate or resentment, only respect and affection for one another. It's feasible that divorce would be less stressful if all divorced spouses acted in this manner.
  • It's possible to learn a great deal from these remarkable people! In contrast to some people, Kravitz sees it as a positive thing that their ex-partners have gone their separate ways.
  • It's impressive how well everyone gets along in this household. “Let love rule” is not just a slogan in his songs but also a motto in his personal and professional life.
  • To go along with his reverence and affection for the man who has so freely accepted him into his life, Momoa calls him a brother.
  • It's easy to see why Bonet was smitten with these two gentlemen. They both have hearts of gold, despite their s*xy appearances… As far as we know, Bonet has won the lottery twice.


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