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Who is Lala Kent Dating: A Year Later, She Admits She Might Be in Love!

This post will discuss Lala Kent's age, relationships, family, and herself. To find out more, keep reading until you get to the end.

About: Lala Kent

Lala Kent was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is a well-known American actress, model, social media influencer, businesswoman, TV host, author, and entrepreneur. She is famous in her field because she is on the popular reality TV show Vanderpump Rules.

She has been on the show since 2015, according to IMDb. Lala can act and model well, but that isn't all she can do. Lala has appeared in more than one TV show. She became well-known after she played Billie Jean in the movie Out of Death.

Who is Lala Kent Dating

According to her LinkedIn profile, Kent is also the founder of a brand called Give Them Lala. She opened her business in 2017. Currently, she owns Give Them Lala Skin, Gives Them Lala Beauty, and Give Them Lala Pod. She has a podcast called Give Them Lala Pod, and many famous people have been on it.

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Let me tell you that Lala is also well-known in the country. Before Randall Emmett became famous, she was with him. They broke up in November 2021. In January 2022, Lala made waves when she said on her podcast that she didn't miss having sex with her ex-boyfriend, Randall Emmett.

Who Is Lala Kent Dating?

When Lala Kent worked at Lisa Vanderpump's SUR restaurant in West Hollywood in 2015, she met film producer Randall Emmett for the first time. At the time, Kent was working on the fourth season of the Bravo show Vanderpump Rules.

The reality star talked about her new boyfriend on the show, but she didn't say who Emmett was until December 2017, after he had broken up with actress Ambyr Childers. About a year after that, Emmett asked Kent to be his wife.

Emmett avoided the camera for a few years, but in the eighth season of Vanderpump Rules, which started in January 2020, he began to show up. Kent and Emmett said they would have their first child together in September 2020.

Who is Lala Kent Dating

During a maternity shoot when the couple was expecting their daughter Ocean Kent Emmett in April 2021, Kent told PEOPLE, “This is the most beautiful time of my life.” After three years together, the couple decided to break up in October 2021.

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Later, Kent kept saying that Emmett was having an affair with her. There are more related articles on our site, Lee Daily. In January 2022, when he was on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Kent said, “It seems to be a pattern.”

“Yes, and there is more than one. I think it started when I quit drinking, and… I'm not sure how I missed it.”In July 2022, the Los Angeles Times ran a column that said Emmett had given women movie parts in exchange for sexual favors.

Emmett's spokeswoman, Sallie Hofmeister, told PEOPLE that the producer “strongly denies the claims from 2012.” Hofmeister also said that the claims were made as part of “Randall's ex-now-familiar girlfriend's smear campaign to affect their custody battle.”

Hofmeister says that Lala Kent “lied and misled others” in a last-ditch effort to get full custody of their child, keep her good name in the media, and stay popular on reality TV. Find out when Lala Kent and Randall Emmett started dating and when they broke up by reading on.

Reason for Randall Emmett's Separation From Ex-Wife Lala Kent

Randall Kent recently wrote in the comments section, “One Mother's Battle.” He was called “narcissist of the week” in this post. She had the baby by herself, and this is the thing that worries her the most.

Randall would move in with his new girlfriend in just two days. We don't know who his new lover is yet, but he may tell us later. On a trip to Nashville in October 2021, it was found out that she had been tricked.

Lala Kent's Dating History

In December 2015, the reality star met Emmett when they both worked at SUR. She tried out for his movie The Row later. They told everyone about their relationship in 2017 and got engaged the following year. Ocean was born in March 2021.

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In October 2022, Kent and Emmett broke up because there were rumors that the director had cheated on his then-fiancée. Kent was also once linked to co-star Kennedy, and in her book, Kennedy wrote about a high school boy she liked.

Who is Lala Kent Dating

In Give Them Lala, Kent told the truth about why she got an abortion after she and her ex-boyfriend Carter Hoffman got pregnant when she was 22.”I couldn't even utter the word. “I'd always felt weird saying it,” she wrote in her 2021 autobiography.

“I wasn't drugged or put to sleep, so I was fully aware of what was happening. I was in so much pain that I was crying.”The woman from Utah said her mother told her not to talk about going to Planned Parenthood in public, but she felt it was necessary. “I am a woman, and this is my body. She said, “No one will ever tell me what to do with it.”

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