Who Is Kylie Jenner Dating? From Tyga to Travis Scott

The billionaire beauty tycoon who grew up in the spotlight on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” is known as Kylie Jenner.

The 24-year-old actress has grown to be one of the most well-known influencers on the planet, largely thanks to her hugely successful cosmetics company and high-profile relationships.

Given that Jenner prefers long-term partnerships, her list of marriages isn't very long. She has, however, been romantically associated with some of the greatest stars in the music business, including Tyga, Cody Simpton, and Jaden Smith.

Along the road, there have been several unfounded dating rumors (because, no, Kylie Jenner and Drake did not date).

Travis Scott, the rapper behind “Astroworld,” is Jenner's current beau. Stormi (born in 2018) and Wolf are the couple's two children (born in 2022).

Even though Jenner and Scott have been together for a while, it's interesting to look back at some of the other famous people she's dated to understand how she got to where she is today. Buckle up; the list of boyfriends for Kylie Jenner is long.

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The rappers Travis Scott and Tyga are two of Kylie's ex-boyfriends, who she has previously dated. Several additional men have been linked to her romantically. ..

Who is Kylie Jenner now dating? Kylie Jenner has a long list of ex-boyfriends and girlfriends.

Travis Scott

After meeting rapper Travis Scott at Coachella, where he was performing as part of his tour at the time, Kylie began dating him in April 2017, the same month her separation from ex-boyfriend Tyga was publicized.

In the end, Kylie decided to go with Travis. According to GQ in July 2018, “Coachella was one of the stops on his tour,” she said during their joint cover interview.

“Is there anything we can do before I leave on tour?' ‘I guess I'll go with you,' I thought, “she threw in

A YouTube video titled ‘To Our Daughter' announced the birth of the couple's daughter, Stormi Webster, on February 1, 2018.

Who Is Kylie Jenner Dating

As a result of the two constantly referring to one another as “husband” and “wife,” many of their admirers assumed they were married.

They declared their breakup in September 2019 but have continued to co-parent Stormi, even quarantining each other during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Their appearance at the Parsons Benefit Gala in New York City sparked rumors about their comeback in June 2021.

While accepting an award, Travis referred to Jenner as his “wifey” about his wife.

An insider tells People that Travis and Kylie were “holding hands and seemed full back on” during the event, adding that they were “really nice and cute together.”

On February 2, 2022, they became parents to a son.

A son was born to the couple on February 2, 2022.

Fai Khadra

By 2021, the internet was ablaze with speculation about a possible love triangle involving Kylie Jenner and Fai Khadra.

Who Is Kylie Jenner Dating

Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner's former best friend Jordyn Woods have previously been linked to the long-time Kardashian-Jenner pal.


During the epidemic, Khadra spent a lot of time with the family and was spotted vacationing with Kylie and her closest friends in Paris and Utah.

In reality, it's widely believed that the two are just pals.


After her breakup with Travis, Kylie was said to be seeing another rapper, Drake.

After being photographed together at Drake's 33rd birthday party in November 2019, the two, who had known each other for years, were rumored to have “shared affections for each other.”

According to rumors, though, Kylie wasn't interested in a long-term relationship with Drake, whom she had previously collaborated with on a song.

Who Is Kylie Jenner Dating

In May of 2020, Drake addressed a leaked song in which he can be heard calling Kylie a “side piece” and apologized to the make-up maven.

“I just had to say it to start the day because the last thing I wanted was for any of my buddies to wake up feeling insulted,” he said.


After performing at Kendall's sweet 16th birthday party, Tyga first met Kylie, who was 14 then.

Tyga later split from Blac Chyna, with whom he had a kid, King Cairo, and began dating Kendall Jenner, a relationship that lasted three years.

The couple's age gap has come under criticism throughout the years. Until Jenner became 18, they flatly refuted any romantic rumors.

Who Is Kylie Jenner Dating

A $320,000 Ferrari was given to Kylie on her 18th birthday by her boyfriend, Tyga. Regarding tattoos, Tyga got Kylie's name inscribed on his arm, while Kendall got a little ‘t' smeared on her ankle, which she later cleaned up.

Tyga's tracks “Stimulated” and “Dope'd Up” feature Kendall Jenner.

They had an on-and-off romance for three years until ending it in April 2017.

Jaden Smith

According to reports, Kylie Jenner and Jaden Smith, the actor's son from his marriage to Jada Pinkett-Smith, began dating back in 2013.

Their familiar friend Jordyn Woods, who has known Jaden and his family since they were children thanks to her late father, introduced them.

Who Is Kylie Jenner Dating

While attending the movies and hanging out on the red carpet with Kylie's rumored boyfriend, Jaden, they were spotted together, with Kylie even sporting his merchandise.

It's not clear when they broke up, but they've remained close friends. At Justin and Hailey Bieber's wedding in 2019, they were spotted partying together.

Cody Simpson

Australian singer Cody Simpson, who went on to have relationships with Miley Cyrus and other celebrities, started dating Kylie in 2011.

Who Is Kylie Jenner Dating

Cody opened up about their breakup in an interview in 2015, saying, “The entire K-O-D-Y thing didn't work for me.” Not much else is known about their relationship.