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Who is King Charles III – Biography, Personal Life, Honors & More!

In this article, we'll discuss several intriguing details about the life of King Charles, such as his age, the nature of his relationships, his family, and his wealth. Therefore, go on to the very conclusion to obtain any further information.

Who is King Charles?

Charles III is King of the United Kingdom and 14 other Commonwealth realms. He was the heir apparent who had been in power the longest. When his mother, Elizabeth II, died on September 8, 2022, he became the oldest person to take over the British throne at the age of 73.

Full Name Charles Philip Arthur
Date of Birth Nov 14, 1948
Place of Birth Buckingham Palace
Gender Male
Net Worth $600 Million

King Charles III Biography

On 14 November 1948, Charles was born in Buckingham Palace. He was cleansed with Jordan River water by Geoffrey Fisher, the Archbishop of Canterbury. He had godparents that included his grandparents, uncles, and cousins. For the first 73 years of his life, he was referred to as Prince Charles or, more precisely, Charles, Prince of Wales. In September 2022, his mother passed away.

When Charles was just three years old, his mother was made queen, and he succeeded her as king. He was awarded the title “Duke of Cornwall” at that time. He attended Hill House School in West London after three years of instruction with Catherine Peebles. After that, he attended Cheam Preparatory School in Berkshire, England.

His father, Prince Philip, attended this institution when he was a small boy. He then travelled to Gordonstoun, a location he disliked. He was concerned that it might be too chilly to wear kilts. He attended Geelong Grammar School in Australia's Geelong for two years, where he earned the title of Head Boy, exactly like his father. When he graduated in 1967, he earned As in both French and History.

Who is King Charles III

He immediately enrolled in Trinity College Cambridge to study history, anthropology, and archaeology after graduating from high school. He received his BA in 1970 with a 2.2 GPA. In addition, he obtained a Master of Arts from Cambridge University and studied Welsh at Aberystwyth University in Wales.

He was crowned Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester in 1969. He established the Prince's Trust and moved to the US in 1976. Charles was the eldest Prince of Wales, as well as the eldest and longest-serving heir apparent. Charles was offered the throne of Romania, but he declined.

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Charles served in the Royal Navy and Air Force and trained as a jet pilot at the Royal Air Force College at Cranwell. Six weeks later, he joined the Royal Naval College Dartmouth for training. He subsequently served on the HMS Norfolk, HMS Minerva, & HMS Jupiter. He also joined the 845 Naval Air Squadron, commanded the HMS Bromington, and piloted an HMS Hermes. He is qualified to fly the Chipmunk Basic Pilot Trainer, the Harrier T MK.4 V/STOL fighter jet, and a number of more aircraft.

Personal Life of King Charles

Charles not only had a highly active military career, but also a very active romantic life. He was quite the gentleman with women. The first Earl Mountbatten of Burma encouraged him to have as many relationships as possible before getting married, but when it came to selecting a bride, he was to ensure that she was sweet, naive, and appropriate.

Who is King Charles III

While visiting her sister Sarah, he met Lady Diana Francis Spencer at her house. After spending some time together, Charles began to contemplate proposing to Lady Diana. Charles did propose despite a few reservations, and they were married in 1981. They were the parents of Prince William & Prince Harry. Although some assume that Prince Harry is James Hewitt's son, Hewitt has said that his affair with Lady Diana occurred after Harry's birth.

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Lady Diana and Prince Charles's marriage ended in 1996. His second marriage was to Camilla Parker-Bowles, with whom he was said to have had an affair while still married to Lady Diana. Charles was the first member of the Royal Family to choose for a civil ceremony over a religious ceremony.

Titles, Honors & Arms of King Charles III

Titles & Styles

“His Royal Highness Prince Charles of Edinburgh” was his first name. Charles is the oldest son of the monarch. When his mother became queen in 1952, he got the Duchy of Cornwall & became known as “His Royal Highness the Duke of Cornwall.” Even though he kept the title until 2022, when he became Prince of Wales in 1958, this style was no longer used.

He was often called “His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales” from then on until he became king. From the time his mother took the throne until he did, he was called “His Royal Highness the Duke of Rothesay” in Scotland. Between 2021, when his father died & his own accession, Charles was also the Duke of Edinburgh.

Who is King Charles III

When they got the throne, the title became part of the Crown. Charles has been called “His Majesty the King” since he became king. People usually call the King “Your Majesty” & then “Sir” when they talk to him.

Honors & Military Appointments

Charles has served in the armed services of many countries since he was commissioned as a flying lieutenant in the Royal Air Force in 1972. In 1969, Charles assumed his first honorary role in the armed services as Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Regiment of Wales. Since then, he has been appointed Colonel-in-Chief, Colonel, Honorary Air Commodore, Air Commodore-in-Chief, Deputy Colonel-in-Chief, Royal Honorary Colonel, Royal Colonel & Honorary Commodore of at least 32 military units in the Commonwealth, including the Royal Air Force.

Who is King Charles III

Charles has held the second-highest rank across all three branches of the Canadian Armed Forces since 2009. The Queen awarded him the highest honorary rank in all three branches of the British Armed Forces on 16 June 2012 “to express her gratitude for his contribution in her capacity as Commander-in-Chief.”

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She promoted him to Fleet Admiral, Field Marshal, and Marshal of the Royal Air Force. Seven orders and eight decorations have been bestowed to Charles by Commonwealth nations. In addition, he has won twenty honours from other nations and nine honorary degrees from institutions in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.


Charles became king when his mother died, so he got the royal coats of arms of both the UK & Canada. On September 27, 2022, it was announced that his royal cypher would show the Tudor crown instead of St. Edward's crown.

The College of Arms says that the Tudor crown will now be used on crown badges, uniforms, & pictures of the royal arms of the UK. As Prince of Wales, Charles used the arms of the UK with a white label & the arms of the Principality of Wales with the crown of the next king or queen on top.

King Charles III Charity Work

Through the Prince of Wales' Charitable Foundation, King Charles has done a lot to help people in need. It has been around since 1979 & is one of the largest independent foundations in the UK. The foundation gives grants to programs like the International Sustainability Unit & the Prince of Wales's Accounting for Sustainability Project that are good for the environment and the future.

In the last 10 years, he has given out grants worth more than $72.5 million. One of the groups that gets help from the Prince's foundation is Tusk, which works to stop poaching in Africa. Prince William and Prince Harry have both worked for this group.

Royal Property

The Crown Estate is a group of properties that neither Charles nor the government owns. If King Charles actually owned the Crown Estate, his net worth would easily be over $25 billion, making him one of the richest people in the world. Even though he doesn't own the Crown Estate, he does get money from it. In any given year, the Crown Estate makes Charles about $20 million.

Who is King Charles III

The Duchy of Lancaster, which is another real estate portfolio, brings in $30 million every year. Charles takes 25% of the income made by the Crown Estate through a group called the Sovereign Grant to pay for things like travel, housekeeping, and IT costs for her family.

Also, Charles has the Royal Collection Trust, but he does not own it. The Royal Collection Trust keeps the art and other valuable works that belong to the Royal family. The trust owns more than a million things, the most important of which are 7,000 paintings by artists like Rembrandt and Leonardo da Vinci. The items owned by the Royal Collection Trust are worth at least $1 billion.

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