Who is Kiki? Gossip Girl Character Explained!

Who is Kiki? Gossip Girl Character Explained: Audrey breaks up with Julien in the most recent episode of Gossip Girl because she blames Julien for what happened to Audrey's mother, Kiki. Kiki is portrayed by Laura Benanti.

It's fair to say that the majority of the Gossip Girl cast has a tense dynamic with their own parents. The bond between Audrey and her mother has its own set of issues.

Katherine Hope, better known by her nickname “Kiki,” is an accomplished fashion designer who has had a difficult time in her personal life ever since her husband left her for her assistant, Jessica.

In Kiki's Darkest Hour

Kiki explains to Julien's fans in one episode that she suspected her husband and his assistant were having an affair, but she chose not to confront them because she valued their presence in her life. However, that strategy backfired, and she ended up losing both.

She quits making an attempt to be there for her daughter once her divorce turns out to be a mess, and the one time she does, it's because her daughter begs her to, she gets drunk and embarrasses herself in front of her.

She goes on to warn Audrey that she, too, is experiencing financial difficulties and that her company would soon be declaring bankruptcy. Eventually, Kiki's financial situation becomes so dire that she considers uprooting and going to Cornwall.

Who is Kiki? Gossip Girl Character Explained

Audrey hosts a party for her mother's friends to help her remember all the reasons why she should stay in New York. In fact, it's hurting Kiki more than helping because her pals are constantly harping on her shortcomings.

Neither Audrey nor her family is eager to uproot and relocate. She sides with her father and believes that Kiki is to fault for their current predicament. Kiki takes an overdose as Audrey declares her hatred during their fight.

When Kiki is hospitalized, Audrey is there to care for her. Once Kiki tells Audrey she's sorry and that she needs help, the two are able to make up. Audrey assures her mom that she will be there for her anytime she needs her and will assist her in her recovery.

Getting Her Life in Order

Audrey persuades Max to ask his father to take Kiki to Eleanor Waldorf's dinner party in order to help her mother get her career back on track. Eleanor, who gives funds to designers on behalf of the CFDA, might be able to assist her.

Julien shows up to her own party the next day wearing one of Kiki's outfits without asking her. Eleanor dislikes the design, but Kiki persists & gives her some additional options. Eleanor likes her employment but requests that she thoroughly heal before returning to her.

A Significant Setback

Kiki intends to show off her new accessories. Audrey, on the other hand, does not tell her that her ex-husband and his girlfriend are in town and intend to marry. Kiki learns the same thing in the worst way possible.

Jessica takes advantage of Julien and publishes false information about Kiki stealing her ideas right before her debut. To make amends, Julien appears at the debut wearing one of Kiki's new creations.

Jessica, who knew all of Kiki's passwords, steals her design and appears in the same gown as Julien. Jessica snatches the spotlight and claims all credit for Kiki's work, breaking her heart.

Who is Kiki? Gossip Girl Character Explained

Kiki spirals once more. Audrey tries to persuade Kiki to sue Jessica or take other measures, but she refuses. Audrey, who is completely focused on her mother, takes matters into her own hands and publicly humiliates Jessica and Julien.

Julien summoned Kiki, who smiles from a distance as Jessica's pop-up fails horribly. Someone takes a picture of her and sends it to Gossip Girl, who alleges in an Instagram post that Kiki purposefully sabotaged Jessica's pop-up.

This serves as a wake-up call for Kiki, who decides to seek treatment in a rehabilitation facility. Audrey again blames herself, but Kiki reminds her that it is not her fault. In fact, she tells Audrey that this is a positive thing since she realizes she needs help & unlike the last time, she is willing to accept it.

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Kiki has briefly abandoned Audrey in order to seek assistance. Audrey, on the other hand, has distanced herself from Julien as a result of what happened to Kiki. She no longer wants to be her friend since Julien, she believes, causes issues wherever she goes.