Who Is Kelsea Ballerini Dating? Let’s Unfold The Truth Of Her Relationship

Since the release of her debut album, titled The First Time, in 2015, Kelsea Ballerini has established herself as a leading figure in the country music industry.

She has been recognized with a number of honors and nominations, including a nomination for the Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2017. She has worked together with other musicians, including Halsey, Kenny Chesney, Shania Twain, and Ed Sheeran, among others.

But what about the details of her private life? Who exactly is Kelsea Ballerini dating at the moment? Is she not dating anyone? Is she a mother to any of her children? Here is all the information you need to know about Kelsea Ballerini's past relationships as well as her current status in the dating world.

Who Is Kelsea Ballerini Dating?

Kelsea Ballerini is currently in a relationship with Chase Stokes, who plays John B on the popular Netflix series Outer Banks. When Stokes posted an Instagram photo of the two of them holding hands at a football game in January 2023, speculation immediately turned to a romance between the two. With the caption “lil recap,” he tagged Ballerini in the photo.

In a TikTok video in which she reacts to a screenshot from the celebrity gossip account Deux Moi, which included anonymous tips about her and Stokes, Ballerini indirectly confirmed the rumors. But what's going on, she asked them, followed by a sigh and a raspberry.

Who Is Kelsea Ballerini Dating

“You guys?” What? What? No. Saying, “Let's not do this, you know,”

On January 17, 2023, Stokes's co-anchor Sheinelle Jones said on Today, “For those of you who aren't aware, they're dating.” Stokes confirmed

“Yeah, we are,”

and explained that they had made the connection through common friends. In regards to Ballerini, he gushed,

“She's incredible.”

They say she has a lot of talent. She's just a genuinely nice person, that's all.

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Who Is Chase Stokes?

Chase Stokes is an American actor who became well-known for his part as John B. on the critically acclaimed Netflix series “Outer Banks.” Stokes was born on September 16, 1992, in Annapolis, Maryland, and as a child of a military family, she was able to travel the world and live in a number of different states and countries.

After graduating from UCF, Stokes considered a career in professional baseball before ultimately deciding to pursue a career in acting. His first acting credit was in the feature film “Lost Island,” released in 2015. As time went on, Stokes was cast in recurring roles on shows like “Base” and “Tell Me Your Secrets.”

How Did Kelsea Ballerini And Chase Stocks Met?

After Kelsea Ballerini's divorce from her first husband, Morgan Evans, in 2022, she reached out to Chase Stokes via a direct message on Instagram. This was the beginning of their relationship. In an interview that took place in February 2023 on the Call Her Daddy podcast, Ballerini disclosed this information.

Who Is Kelsea Ballerini Dating

After the two began following each other on Instagram, she said she slid into his direct messages and simply said, “Hi, Chase Stokes. The first time that they were linked romantically was in January 2023, when Stokes published an Instagram photo of the two of them holding hands while attending a football game. On January 17, 2023, Stokes announced their relationship during an appearance on Today.

Past Relationship Of Kelsea Ballerini

Ballerini's first husband was Australian country music singer and songwriter Morgan Evans. In March of 2016, while in Australia for the Country Music Channel Awards, they met each other. They immediately clicked and began dating. Evans popped the question to Ballerini on Christmas Day, 2016, right there in their Nashville abode.

Who Is Kelsea Ballerini Dating

On December 2nd, 2017, they wed on a private beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. They got married in front of their loved ones and traded handwritten vows and rings. They sang a duet of “Dance with Me” at the party as well.

Ballerini filed for divorce from Evans in August of 2022, so their marriage did not last long. In November of 2022, they signed the divorce decree. They never said why they broke up, but it was speculated that they had grown too far apart to work things out. They did not start a family.

A Flirtatious Kelsea Ballerini Kisses Chase Backstage

The country pop singer, who is 29 years old, ran off stage in the middle of her set on Saturday during the Seattle stop of her Heartfirst Tour to plant a kiss on actor Chase Stokes, who is best known for his starring role in Netflix's Outer Banks. Chase Stokes and Kelsea Ballerini have been dating ever since Ballerini's divorce from Morgan Evans.

Who Is Kelsea Ballerini Dating

The rumors of Ballerini and Stokes's relationship started spreading at the beginning of this year, making them relatively fresh to the dating scene. It was hard for fans to deny the blossoming relationship when Stokes posted a “soft launch” of Ballerini on his own feed a couple of days later.

When a group photo emerged of the pair at a Georgia vs. TCU game, nothing was set in stone, but it was hard for fans to deny the blossoming relationship.


Kelsea Ballerini is a talented and beautiful singer who has won the hearts of many fans with her music and personality. She is also a loving and devoted girlfriend who has found happiness with Chase Stokes, the star of Outer Banks. She is not single, nor has she ever dated anyone else besides Stokes and Evans.

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