Who is Kash Doll Dating? All About Her Relationship Status!

In the glamorous and ever-changing world of hip-hop, personal triumphs are frequently celebrated alongside professional accomplishments. Kash Doll, for example, has prioritized her personal life over her busy work.

So, who is Kash Doll dating? The musician has written a new chapter in her love story with fellow rapper Tracy T.

Who is Kash Doll dating?

According to sources, Detroit-born rapper Kash Doll began meeting Atlanta rapper Tracy T around March 2021. If you ask them how they met, they could argue about who approached who first, with Tracy T saying Kash Doll followed him first on social media and Kash insisting he was the one who sneaked into her DMs.

“I didn't want to date you—I just thought you were a nice artist!” she remarked in a video in which the two jokingly discussed how they met.

Who is Kash Doll Dating

Fast forward to January 2022, and the couple welcomed their first child, a son named Kashton Prophet Richardson. “Call me crazy, but I think I found the love of my life,” she posted on Instagram at the time, accompanied by a photo of the adorable newborn.

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In a charming post from January 2024, Kash Doll quipped that her son had converted her “soft” and now has her “cooking and s–t.” In a recent birthday post, she referred to her son as her “pride and joy” and reminisced on the significant impact he had on her life.

How many children does Kash Doll have?

Kash Doll announced in March 2024 that she and Tracy T. were expecting their second child. One of the hashtags in her photo is “#2andthru,” implying she intends to stop at two children.

Fans, friends, and fellow artists all sent their love and congratulations when Kash Doll announced her pregnancy. Kash Doll told people that the wonderful discovery of her pregnancy occurred during a vacation in Turks & Caicos in October 2023, when they celebrated Tracy's birthday.

Kash Doll told the newspaper “We were having fun. I was drinking but kept getting sick. I could not keep anything down! “I took a test, and it said yes!”

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So Kash devised a clever method to inform Tracy of the big news while they were on vacation. She gave Tracy a bankroll of money as a birthday present, and she attached the pregnancy test to the back of the money. Tracy was pleased to see the positive pregnancy test.

The pair are now looking forward to welcoming their new baby, who is slated to arrive in June 2024 and will be a younger sibling to their son Kashton as well as Tracy T's three children from a previous relationship.

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