Who Is Joshua Bassett’s Girlfriend?

After High School Musical: The Musical: The Series launched on Disney+ in November 2019, people quickly fell in love with Joshua Bassett (who plays Ricky in the fan-favorite show) (who plays Ricky in the fan-favorite show).

Prior to his Disney+ debut, the actor had a brief spell on the Disney Channel drama Stuck in the Middle, but it wasn’t until viewers heard his singing voice that they fell smitten with the gifted actor.

As Joshua’s fame developed, fans started to grow interested in his love life, which led to relationship speculations between him and his costar, Olivia Rodrigo.

Although the couple never confirmed their supposed relationship, there were numerous moments when they cozied up together during interviews and when Joshua admitted he fabricated the “I love you” sequence between their HSMTMTS characters, many were certain they were more than pals.

“It is the most powerful feeling in the world when you don’t even have to think, and it simply comes through you.

It was really a fantastic moment,” he told the Los Angeles Times about that particular occasion on set with Olivia.

“Every every time, I would tweak it to something else that was particular to her and me, and receiving her reaction out of it was the finest thing in the world.”

In July 2020, Joshua was sighted with Sabrina Carpenter, who was previously linked to Olivia Wilde. Since Olivia's song “Drivers License” was published in January 2021, rumors have swirled regarding what happened between the three of them.

During an interview in May 2021, Joshua revealed his homosexuality. Then he said, “I think this also my coming out video, I guess.” after praising Harry Styles and calling him “sexy.”

According to GQ in June 2021, he said: “Don't let anyone tell you love isn't love.” People like that are arguably the ones who most urgently require assistance.

Later, in December of 2021, Joshua provided an update on his love life in a separate interview with GQ magazine.

Who Is Joshua Bassett's Girlfriend

The actor said he's not ready to fall in love “at the moment,” saying that his dating life is “non-existent… That's something I've learned over the previous few months: I can function well on my own. “I don't need anyone else,” I respond.

Olivia Rodrigo

As soon as the first episode of HSMTMS aired, viewers began to believe that these two were actually dating. Joshua and Olivia have never confirmed their relationship, however, in an interview with the Los Angeles Times in January 2020, Olivia remarked, “I adore him so much.

The fact that he's my best buddy helped make the performance more authentic and truthful. As if I hadn't been performing.”

Fans have theorized about their connection since “Drivers License” was released in January 2021, but it's unknown exactly what happened between them.

Who Is Joshua Bassett's Girlfriend


Within months, Joshua spoke with GQ about their predicament, saying, “[Rodrigo] hasn't spoken to me since the release of ‘Drivers License.'”

Sabrina Carpenter

In July 2020, a fan claimed to have spotted Joshua and Sabrina together at a Black Lives Matter protest in Los Angeles. A passerby reported on Twitter that she saw Joshua kiss Sabrina on the forehead.

Just Jared Jr. got images of the duo smiling together at lunch with her sister, Sarah Carpenter, less than a month after the initial incident.

For the first time since their Halloween 2020 TikTok movies of themselves costumed as Sharkboy and Lavagirl, relationship rumors started circulating between Joshua and Sabrina.

Sabrina and Joshua were vacationing in Park City, Utah, in January 2021, when a social media user posted a photo of the two of them together.

Following her release of the song “Drivers Licence,” in which she sings, “And you're probably with that blonde girl / Who always made me doubt / She's so much older than me / She's everything I'm insecure about,” fans were convinced that Olivia and the former Disney Channel stars were involved in a love triangle.

They were spotted during a Harry Styles concert in 2021 by fans who posted images on social media. In December of 2021, Joshua remarked about his relationship status and noted, “Being in a relationship is a responsibility.”

Who Is Joshua Bassett's Girlfriend

It's unclear what transpired between them at that time. As far as I'm concerned, “I'm not ready for it.”

Joshua Bassett Has Been Spotted Out and About With Sabrina Carpenter! Are They Still Together?

Josh and Sabrina appeared to be dating at the end of last year, but neither of them has publicly addressed the question of whether or not they are still together.

Despite the fact that they started hanging out together in July and uploading images of the trips and their coordinated Halloween costumes in October, they haven't spoken about their relationship since Olivia launched her now-famous heartache single ‘Drivers License' in May.

Even though they have yet to formally confirm or deny a romance, the two Disney prodigies were recently spotted on a possible date night.

Attending the Harry Styles event at Madison Square Gardens in early October, Josh and Sabrina were seen by fans.

The couple was last spotted together in public some months ago, and while their relationship status is still uncertain, they appear to be getting along just fine.

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