Who Is Joplin? Check Out Explanation of Lockwood and Co.!

Major spoilers for the whole first season of Lockwood & Co. are discussed in this article, including the identity of Joplin. Anthony Lockwood, Lucy Carlyle, and George Karim, the young whippersnappers that make up the Scooby gang of the show's namesake agency, are the heroes of Lockwood & Co.

The novel also features its fair number of sarcastic adversaries, the most notable of which is Pamela Joplin, whose story strangely mirrors and interacts with that of George. Who is Joplin? What does she seek? How does she go about obtaining it? What becomes of her once she obtains it? The solutions are listed below.

Who Is Joplin?

So, the gang is first introduced to Joplin as a client. She and Sebastian Saunders own Sweet Dreams excavations, a grave-digging business that occasionally needs the help of a firm like Lockwood & Co. to make sure nothing nefarious is uncovered. George recognizes Joplin as the operation's intellectual core, and the reversal is also true.

Who Is Joplin

The two people have an instant connection because they recognize themselves in one another. They each appreciate the other for being unique and different from the norm. Joplin has hidden agendas, which are clear to the audience but not always to George. Her fixation with locating the bone glass is alarming, as is her overt attempts to win George's favor.

To the nave Lockwood & Co. researcher, helping him acquire access to the British Archives and asking him over for dinner may have appeared like sweet gestures, but to smart watchers, they were plainly steps in a bigger plan that hadn't been revealed yet. The plan Joplin had in mind for the conclusion of her life was diabolical.

On the contrary, he gave it to Joplin to handle. Joplin wanted George to utilize the bone glass to learn anything it might tell them about The Problem. It is when she attempts to use Quill Kipps to achieve this goal that George realizes Quill Kipps was never more to her than a potential sacrifice.

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Joplin is determined to do whatever it takes, including shedding blood, to achieve her goals, as evidenced by the knife she is wielding, a twin of which was previously used to kill a young man named Carver.

Joplin’s Role in the theft

Joplin is incensed that the relic guys stole the bone glass. However, her role is not made evident until George phones her instead of giving the bone glass to Barnes. He has some skepticism when he finally sees her at the grave. Again playing on his insecurity, Joplin claims that his friends may be more talented, but he alone will be remembered for his work with the bone glass.

The moment Kipps tries to intervene, she kidnaps him. George learns that if Kipps hadn't turned up, she would have used him in the experiment. She takes Bickerstaff's corpse there so he may observe the test. He had conducted his studies on adults since he didn't realize that only young individuals have the ability to perceive what lay beyond the world of the living.

George notices a dagger in Kipps' hand when she learns he's lost his skill; it's the same kind of dagger that was used to stab Jack Carver. It was one of the twin Mughal daggers, George knows. When Lucy and Lockwood learn that Joplin has been driven insane by the bone glass, George finally puts two and two together. She paid Jack Carver to take the glass, but when he sold it to Winkman instead, she stabbed him to death.

If Lucy hadn't given up herself as a test subject to spare George's life, the scientist would have succeeded in killing him. Since Lucy is more skilled than George, Joplin agrees to employ her. When George tries to save Lucy by moving aside the glass, he accidentally destroys the experiment.

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When the spirits leave the glass, it breaks, and the accompanying blast kills Joplin, who has completely lost her sanity at this time. Joplin appears like a simple and innocent woman; no one suspects her at all. She is a person who lives in the books. Apart from the glass’ influence, her quest to learn more might have played a factor in her frantic efforts to catch sight of the eternal.

Is Joplin Dead?

And, in the end, Joplin got what she wanted: she could stare into the bone glass, causing her to scream and laugh before dematerializing. Is she gone? Perhaps, but she could also be stranded in another dimension. It's difficult to say. A second season could reveal Joplin's fate. She could even show up as a visitor.