Who is Jo Su-Hui? Character of Crash Course in Romance Explained!

In Crash Course in Romance, Jo Su-Hui plays the role of Bang Su-A's mother and she is a vital symbol of the problematic mothers who harm their children's health and lives due to their fixation with schooling.

In Crash Course in Romance, the antagonistic mother figure is a composite of several mothers. These moms are a microcosm of the education crisis that haunts South Korea (and Southeast Asian society at large).

Jo Su-Hui is just one of these mothers, but she represents the problematic parents as a whole because of the terrible way she has used her status as a parent.

Who is Jo Su-Hui?

Jo Su-Hui is the mother of Bang Su-A, the constantly envious and upset classmate of Hae-e at Woorim High. Yet, Su-Hui is also the de facto head of the mother's council, which has significant sway over the Pride Academy administration.

These moms wield privilege and wealth, two things that come with the resulting rewards, like the ties to other powerful people that it affords them. Because of her extensive network of influential contacts, Su-Hui has solidified her place at the top of the group.

With these ties, she was able to get Hae-e wrongfully expelled from the All-Care programme at Pride Academy. By conspiring with another influential person, she contacts the program's director and gets the less privileged Hae-e dropped from the program.

She also has a blog that she uses exclusively for her own purposes. As she tried to blackmail Chi-Yeol into abandoning his tutoring of Hae-e by posting a video of him with Haeng-Seon and promoting allegations of an affair between them.

Who is Jo Su-Hui

Su-Hui's daughter has the same attitude as her mother, and it's clear that she got it from her. She has a very negative view of life and other people, crushing the weak and preventing them from getting ahead.

Sui-Hui is a Problematic Mother

Su-Hui cares so much about her daughter's academic success that she does everything she can to give her a great education and keep her a good name among other moms.

We learn early on that Su-Hui is the only mother in her cohort who did not complete as much of her education. She, like many of the other women on the show, hopes that her offspring will fulfill her lifelong ambitions.

She has ruined the lives of not only people with fewer means, like Hae-e but also her own daughter, Bang Su-A. Su-Hui is so focused on Su-A's success in school that she ignores the fact that the stress is having a negative effect on her mental health as well as her physical health.

As the episode concludes, she learns that Bang Su-A has been through a lot of pain and suffering as a result of her studies, which have given her a condition that causes her head to hurt and the words on the page to float. She gets angry with her rival in school, Hae-e, and has violent outbursts with her. She also has recurring nightmares in which she kills Hae-e.

Because Su-Hui is so worried about her “reputation” in society, she pays little attention to her husband and lets his extramarital affair grow right in front of her eyes and with her money. This continues until the viral video of her beating her husband and his girlfriend goes viral, at which point she loses all respect for herself.

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