Let’s Take a Look At “Who Is Jennifer Garner Boyfriend?”

Who Is Jennifer Garner Boyfriend?: There are many unanswered questions about Jennifer Garner's romantic life at the moment. The 50-year-old actress and her longtime boyfriend John Miller split up a few years ago.

Then, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner were spotted spending time together on the beach. She was spotted out with Miller again just recently. The Alias star has been linked to Miller despite confirming her single status in 2021.

They were spotted holding hands in Santa Barbara earlier this year. Have the formerly on-and-off lovers finally made up? Learn all about Jennifer Garner boyfriend right here!

Who Is Jennifer Garner Boyfriend?

Her boyfriend, John Miller, seems to be back in the picture. Miller is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of CaliGroup, the holding company behind the famous CaliBurger restaurants.

Who Is Jennifer Garner Boyfriend

A year after breaking up, Garner and Miller got back together, a source told People in February 2023. An insider disclosed, “Their bond is unlike any other. It's never been simple, what with them both having families and all. After a long separation, Jen is overjoyed that they are once again a couple.”

Jennifer has a huge fan following on Instagram. If you want to see her Instagram profile, then click here on her name(Jennifer Garner).

Who Is John Miller?

Businessman and current CEO of CaliBurger and CaliGroup, John is a successful entrepreneur. Nonetheless, he was the vice president of intellectual property for Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals from 2004 to 2010.

Who Is Jennifer Garner Boyfriend

In addition, he is a qualified lawyer with a degree from Stanford Law School.

When Did They Start Dating?

The divorce between Ben and Jen was finalized on October 5, 2018, and John's divorce from his ex-wife was finalized roughly a month later. It came as something of a surprise, though, when a source told US Weekly in October that Jen and John had been dating for six months. Oops! 👀

After her divorce from Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner decided to give the dating scene a go. In May of 2018, the actress and Miller began dating, and the rest is history.

Do They Have Any Children?

Garner and Miller do not have any children together, although they each have children from prior relationships. Sam (11), Seraphina (14), and Violet (17) are Garner and Affleck's children. Quest (17) and Violet (8) are the children of Miller and his ex-wife, Caroline Campbell.

Did They Ever Break Up?

Apparently having commitment concerns in August of 2020, Jen and John temporarily put their relationship on hold. The couple “broke up before L.A. went into lockdown,” a source told In Style. Why is that, specifically?

Another source told Us Weekly at the time, “He was ready for marriage and she just couldn't commit.” The report followed on the heels of a sighting of Jennifer and Bradley Cooper, her ex-co star on Alias, having a day at the beach.

The split didn't last long, though. It was confirmed in May 2021, just than a year after the breakup, that Jen and John were trying to get back together. The relationship between Jen and John has been restored, a source told Us Weekly. “It's been going on for the past couple weeks.”

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