Who Is Jennifer Aniston Dating? A Complete Timeline of Her Exes

Lucky in life and love! Jennifer Aniston‘s dating life has long been a source of attention – from her marriage to Brad Pitt to her romance with her second husband, Justin Theroux.

Aniston and Pitt started dating in 1998 and married the marriage two years later. The twosome saddened fans when they announced their breakup in 2005 after five years of marriage.

At the time, the Friends alum observed that there were “many phases of grief” when it came to their breakup.

“It’s tragic, something coming to an end. It splits you open, in a way—cracks you open to feeling,” she told Vanity Fair in September 2005. When you strive to ignore the pain, it generates greater pain.

I’m a human being, experiencing a human experience in front of the world. I wish it weren’t in front of the world. I strive so hard to rise above it.”

Shortly after the two parted ways, Pitt started dating his Mr. and Mrs. Smith costar Angelina Jolie.

The relationship raised questions because the duo met when the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star was still together with Aniston.

As for the Morning Show star, she eventually opened out to Vogue about how the rumors affected her. Things were printed there that were clearly from a time when I wasn't aware it was happening,” he said.

Those particulars didn't sit well with me, so I decided not to bring them up. Those claims about how much she awaited her daily commute? “That was a little too snooty.”

After meeting on the set of Tropic Thunder four years earlier, Jennifer Aniston and Jason Theroux started dating in 2011. They were engaged the following year, but they weren't in a hurry to get married, according to the native Californian.

According to the actress, “We want to wait till it's great, and we don't have to rush from one job to another or rush to one project,” she said in an interview with the AP in July 2013. As for how we feel about getting married, well, you know.