Who is Jang Seo-Jin? Character of Crash Course in Romance Explained!

Jang Seo-Jin is the mother of Hae-e’s best friend. She is a powerful yet broken character who is fixated on her son's schooling and has little patience for gossip or jokes.

In Crash Course in Romance, the high school students' lives are constantly complicated by their mothers' obsessions and mistakes. When compared to the other rich, troublesome, status-obsessed mothers, Ms. Jang Seo-Jin stands out as a true exception.

The issues that Ms. Jang has had with her spouse and family for a long time are the root cause of her many flaws. In the midst of these life-altering events, her moral compass goes haywire, and she reaches a new low on the show.

A Lady Who Has Lost All Hope

Though Jang Seo-Jin's personal life is in disrepair, she is a respected attorney. One of the main reasons her family is the way it is is because of herself.

Who is Jang Seo-Jin

As the scene shifts to Ms. Jang's apartment, we watch her drinking herself to death, trying to forget the past and the pain that has shaped her present.

Ms. Jang's family life is chaotic, with her marriage in shambles and her two sons unable to follow in their brother's academic footsteps because of their mother's excessive emphasis on school.

A Failed Theory

Her unhappiness stems from the fact that she and her spouse have become distant and frequently argue. But Ms. Jang's approach to schooling is at the heart of their problems as a family.

She is determined for her sons to achieve academic achievement and will not tolerate any resistance to the route she has set out for them. She thinks that if people want to be successful in life, they need to be happy.

The only way to be happy is to get the best education possible & land the best job possible. Jang Seo-Jin is unable to see the damage she has done to her own sons and family in pursuit of this false path to contentment, exemplifying the classic case of Asian obsession and tunnel vision when it comes to education.

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Clarity & Change

After Sun-Jae and Jang Seo-Jin's confession to the authorities about their role in the leaks, she is able to see things more clearly.

A layer of grime that had built up over the years on Jang Seo-Jin's conscience has been peeled away, and she can see clearly now. Finally, she and her husband make up, and he stands by her during the public outcry and court trial.

When Jang Seo-Jin finally gets a break from her job, she uses the opportunity to strengthen her connection with Hui-Jae by taking him on a trip. At the end of Crash Course in Romance, the relationship between her and Hui-Jae has totally healed.

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