Who Is Iris Apatow Dating? Did She Split From Ryder Robinson?

It was only a short time ago that Iris Apatow made her feature film debut in the comedy Knocked Up, with her older sister, Euphoria's Maude Apatow. Both Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow's daughters are now adults, therefore the couple has been married for over 15 years.

The author Sam Koppelman has been linked to the mysterious Maude, although she has remained tight-lipped about her romantic life. In contrast, Iris has been linked to Ryder Robinson before, the son of Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson. Unfortunately, the love they shared as teenagers didn't last.

Since then, Iris has moved on. So, who s Iris Apatow dating now? Let's find out!

Who Is Iris Apatow Dating?

On Valentine's Day, Iris told everyone she was dating Henry. On Tuesday, February 14th, she shared an Instagram story with a photo of herself and her new beau.

“I love you would be an understatement,” she wrote at the bottom of the pic.

Though their relationship seems fresh to us, Iris and Henry have been seeing each other for quite some time. In the month of September 2022, she made her debut on his broadcast. Later that month, on the actress's twentieth birthday, he posted a heartfelt tribute to social media.

“Dear Iris, thank you for being my best friend,” Henry captioned a photo of the actress. “I appreciate the fact that I get to spend time with you every day because you make me laugh.”

Iris Apatow Is Dating Henry Haber After Ryder Robinson Split

You are my shining star and my dancing queen. Those who are fortunate enough to know you are richer for having done so. You have a lot of charisma, charm, and intelligence. And the post ended with a heartfelt “thank you” for being born on this day 20 years ago.

Iris's mum was one of the many people who commented positively on the love letter, leaving a string of emoji hearts. A year after breaking up with Ryder, Iris finally revealed her new boyfriend.

Who Is Henry Haber?

In addition to his modeling career, Henry is also an aspiring filmmaker and photographer. It appears that he and Iris are quite content with one another.


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Did Iris and Ryder Split?

Before the year was out, rumors had Iris dating Ryder Robinson, the son of Kate Hudson, and her ex-husband Chris Robinson. On Valentine's Day last year, 19-year-old Ryder and Iris made their Instagram relationship official.

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“We've known each other's families ever since we were infants. Iris told Entertainment Tonight in March, “I've always gone to school with him and I just didn't really pay him any regard.”

In other words, he's a perfect being. Indeed, we stumbled into each other's life at a very good time. What a great guy he is, and I feel so fortunate to have someone who cares about me so much.

Who Is Iris Apatow Dating

It's very awkward, she said at the time, so she avoids dating anyone her parents wouldn't approve of. It doesn't work out because of this or that. It's impossible.

Although the date of their breakup was never established publicly, it is believed that it occurred in the fall of the year in which Iris and Ryder both moved to different cities.

That Christmas is, like, a thing this year. During a December 2022 interview on Late Night With Seth Meyers, the How to Lose a Man in 10 Days actress, then 43 years old, spoke candidly about her firstborn child leaving the nest.

Even the cousins get together for a large holiday celebration every year. It's a big deal that Ryder's finally returning home. Even if I feel the same way, I never want to be “that mom.”

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