Who is Ice Spice? All the Information You Need to Know About the Rap Star!

If you've been on TikTok in the last month, you've undoubtedly heard the song “Boy's A Liar Pt. 2” by PinkPantheress starring Ice Spice. The upbeat rhythm combined with the uncaring, quiet vocals has become an iconic soundtrack of the app and has been utilized in videos by everyone from Kim Kardashian and her daughter, North, to Bella Hadid and others.

PinkPantheress's original song was a hit in and of itself. But it was Ice Spice, the Gen Z rapper who has taken the Internet by storm, who brought it to the attention of A-list celebrities and to the top of the Billboard charts. If you have no idea who she is, don't worry, you're not alone.

Who Is Ice Spice?

Isis Gaston, the rapper's legal name, is 23 years old. She grew up in the Bronx, New York, and is of Nigerian and Dominican origin. She created her identity when she was 14 years old, when she created a finsta account, simply because “ice” rhymes with “spice,” and she enjoys spicy cuisine.

Who is Ice Spice

She attended high school in Yonkers, about 10 miles north of the Bronx, and played volleyball. The sport led her to SUNY Purchase, a university in upstate New York, where she graduated in 2020.

Despite the fact that her father was an underground rapper, Spice got her start in music after meeting RIOTUSA, a record producer and the son of Hot 97's DJ Enuff. They worked together on her debut songs, including “Bully Freestyle” and “No Clarity,” which were released in March and November of 2021, respectively.

Ice Spice Takeover on TikTok

Spice's hit “Munch (Feelin' U)” rocketed her to Internet celebrity last summer. TikTok, a popular platform for up-and-coming musicians, exploded with video clips of the song. The song gained popularity after Canadian rapper Drake broadcast it on his SiriusXM station, Sound 42 Radio.

On the platform, the hashtag #munch now has over 2 billion views, with videos reinforcing the song's words “You thought I was feeling you?” trending. Over 4 billion people have seen the hashtag #IceSpice.

The rapper rapidly caught the attention of industry insiders, signing with Los Angeles-based label 10K Projects and later Capitol Records. Spice, on the other hand, isn't a one-hit-wonder. Her EP “Like..?” was released on January 20 and contained the tracks “Bikini Bottom,” which samples music from the cartoon series SpongeBob SquarePants, and “In Ma Hood,” which were similarly well-received, with over 30 million Spotify streams combined.

Celebrities Endorsing Ice Spice

The meteoric rise of Ice Spice has been welcomed with praise from notable figures. Last year for Halloween, Grammy-winning rapper Lil Nas X dressed up as Spice from the “Munch” music video, complete with a curly wig, pastel tube top, and denim shorts.

North West, Kim Kardashian, and Kanye West's daughter, just posted a TikTok to the account she shares with her mother in which she draws a portrait of Spice to accompany her “Boy's a Liar” song.

Who is Ice Spice

Nearly 4 million people have liked the video since it was posted online. Spice addressed the viral video, saying that West is “really talented” in an interview with E! News. Beyoncé hand-picked Spice to be a part of the “DISCOVER YOUR PARK” ad for her latest Ivy Park x Adidas collection.

Fans of Spice, who call themselves Munchkins, want to hear her in a musical collaboration with other famous people. A popular tweet shows Spice and fellow New York rapper Nicki Minaj in costume, supposedly filming a music video.

There has been no announcement on any upcoming partnerships, but Spice is clearly not slowing down anytime soon.

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