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Who Is Harry Jowsey Dating: Girlfriend, Ex-girlfriend & Dating History

Harry Jowsey gained stardom after starring on Netflix's Too Hot to Handle, where he disregarded the show's controversial boundaries. The Australian model is now an influencer with millions of followers as a result of his success on the show.

The 22-year-old Australian was born on May 24, 1997, in Los Angeles, and currently resides there. Jowsey, who is 6 feet 5 inches tall, was a model and entrepreneur before becoming a reality personality.

He developed the Naughty Possums clothing line and branded his supporters his “little possums” as a result.

Jowsey made an appearance on Heartbreak Island, a New Zealand dating show, in 2018. But it was as the rulebreaker on the reality dating series Too Hot to Handle, which aired in April 2020, that he really drew audiences' attention.


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Are Sveta Bilyalova and Harry Jowsey Dating Now?

On December 3, the reality star posted a photo carousel of himself, his vehicles, and Bilyalova.

The Russian woman wrapped her legs around Jowsey's waist as she turned away from the camera. Comments from fans and celebrities were congratulatory, while others wondered about his relationship status.

One comment was made by Pillow Talk podcast host Ryan Pownall. “HARRY HAS MARRIED!!!” he wrote. Right now, “Girls are going to message me!”

As Jowsey said in the essay, “A voyage I will never forget,” he revealed little. According to the geo-tag, the photos were taken in Dubai.

In addition, he claimed that he would post additional photos in the comments section of his story.


Bilyalova and Jowsey are rumored to appear in more photos. No photos or videos of Bilyalova and Jowsey have been shared, although she did post a video of herself and a friend dancing to Black-Eyed Peas' Boom Boom Pow' on her Instagram.

Jowsey also used the clap emoji in the comments section.

Harry Jowsey Hook Up With Nikita Dragun

On the 23rd of September, he joined the BFFs with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards podcast to discuss the latest controversy surrounding his alleged hookup with Dragun.

In response to a question regarding his relationship with Dragun, he was evasive. Instead, he made a joke about how his legs looked like noodles since Dragun wouldn't let him flex them in the video.

According to the broadcaster, many had enquired as to whether Jowsey and Dragun were having an affair, but the presenter had said it was more than likely false.

When Dragun asked Jowsey about her life, he claimed he wouldn't answer any questions until he made sure she was comfortable talking about it before doing so.

Who Is Harry Jowsey Dating

However, the host was not letting up and pleaded with Richards for help. Both of them pleaded with Jowsey to be truthful with them.

Finally, Jowsey gave in and admitted that he had dated her. On the other hand, he said he was open-minded and didn't see it as a huge deal.

The host then queried why Dragun hadn't informed him about the video, given that they were longtime friends. According to Jowsey, the two of them had s*x a year prior.

Harry Jowsey and Khloe Kardashian's Relationship Rumors: The Truth

It was recently reported that Harry Jowsey, 24, and Khloe Kardashian, 37, were romantically linked.

Rumors began to surface after Kardashian's breakup with Tristan Thompson last spring. Kardashian Jenner's fan account, @theekarjenners, claims the two have been “DM-ing back and forth” recently.

Who Is Harry Jowsey Dating

When it came to Khloe's side of the story, she was quick to put a stop to any lingering questions about her innocence.

‘Absolutely not true,' Khole responds in the comment part of the posts. Their relationship appears to have come to an end following Kardashian's statement.

Who Is Harry Jowsey Dating?

Sveta Bilyalova is currently dating Harry Jowsey, a well-known television personality. During Harry's recent trip to Dubai, it appears that he was able to spend time with his girlfriend. Sveta is a well-known social media figure who has accumulated a considerable volume of sponsored content.

Sports Illustrated has featured her as well. One of Harry's favorite aspects of spending time with Sveta was witnessing her genuine happiness and gratitude for his presence.


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 The TV star went on to say that the Russian beauty has a good attitude and a lovely disposition. His open-mindedness about the industry's ups and downs also makes him a great person to work with.

More Information About the Harry Jowsey Relationship

Harry Jowsey's current relationship status is not clear. No details about his relationship or partner have been provided by him. Francesca Farago, on the other hand, was his girlfriend in 2020. Reality TV star and web superstar from Canada is his ex-girlfriend.

While filming Too Hot to Handle in March 2019, they started dating. In May of 2020, they will meet together through Zoom to exchange rings. This couple only lasted a month before calling it quits.

Who Is Harry Jowsey Dating

Harry Jowsey’s Relationship Facts

Harry Jowsey is not currently involved in any extramarital affairs. He is a heteros*xual male.

Harry Jowsey and Larsa Pippen's Dating History

In October 2020, the media pounced on Harry's dinner date with Larsa Pippen. He went on to say that they were going to take salsa lessons together after Larsa had blogged about him being her friend.

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