Who is Gungi? The Bad Batch Character Explained!

An old friend from the Clone Wars has been revived by the Bad Batch. One specific Wookiee baby's appearance in the season two promos caused fans to gasp with delight. But if you’re unfamiliar with him or just need a refresher course, I’m here to give you the rundown on who exactly Gungi is.

A Rash Youngster

Gungi was among the elite group of younglings. He went to Ilum with Ahsoka Tano and Master Yoda so they could prove they were ready to become Padawans through a series of tests of their moral fiber.

Gungi would pass his test and earn the green kyber crystal necessary to construct his lightsaber if he could just control his restlessness and learn to be patient.

Who is Gungi? The Bad Batch Character Explained

After that, he fashioned a lightsaber with a hilt crafted from Byrlark wood. In his combat against the pirate Hondo Ohnaka and later General Grievous and the Separatist droids, he would put it to use right away.

Gungi served as a Padawan under Tera Sinube and, after Order 66, scrapped on his own to return to Kashyyyk and his people for the first time since leaving as a youngster to join a Jedi. He did not have many memories of his homeworld or his people.

Early on, Hunter praises his lightsaber prowess and his battle-hardened exterior, both of which he displays while fighting with the Bad Batch.

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It was afterward that Master Yoda remarked on his tolerance. Sometime later, Gungi and his fellow younglings' ship was assaulted by the pirate Hondo. The youngsters got away, but Ahsoka was abducted into space by Hondo and his pirates. The completion of the lightsabers allowed the younglings to face Hondo and aid Ahsoka in evading the pirate.

The Gungi apparently made it through Order 66, but how is still a mystery. We won't know until the show airs, but in the meanwhile, speculation is fun. We may safely assume that not all Jedi or Padawans perished.

The Empire's best efforts fell short of the total elimination of life on Earth. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka Tano, Kanan Jarrus, and even Cal Kestis are just a few examples of people who were able to avoid capture by the Empire and survive the implementation of Order 66.

Who is Gungi? The Bad Batch Character Explained

Gungi appears to be making use of his Jedi training and the lightsaber he constructed in the teaser. Gungi has the potential to become a pivotal ally in The Bad Batch's struggle against the Empire. We met him when he was a youngling, but his whereabouts following Order 66 is a mystery.

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Even though we didn't see much of Gungi, I'm delighted to see that he was able to support Clone Force 99 after Order 66 was issued. I can't wait to learn more about this mysterious person.

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