Who is Gabby Barrett Husband: Who is She Married to?

Who is Gabby Barrett Husband? Gabby Barrett has released a 1962-themed short film as the music video for her song “Pick Me Up.” Barrett plays a high school student who enjoys riding shotguns on romantic getaways with her boyfriend. In actual life, Barrett's husband Cade Foehner is the one behind the wheel. Barrett was a competitor on “American Idol” when he and his future wife first met on the show's set.

The same pair is shown in 1978 when they are married and raising a little daughter. Barrett and Foehner, as a reference to their actual love story, named their daughter Baylah May.

Who is Gabby Barrett’s Husband?

Parenthood has brought Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner closer together since they met on American Idol.

In 2018, as they both competed on Season 16 of American Idol, the two musicians finally met. Even though they both didn't end up winning, the event helped them both discover love. Barrett and Foehner's on-screen chemistry blossomed into a real-life relationship when their season of American Idol wrapped, and a year later, they announced their engagement.

Have They got Kids?

In August 2020, Barrett and Foley revealed that they were expecting their first child, a daughter. The happy pair found out while they were in Texas to see Foehner's relatives.

Barrett recalled, “I took the test, and my eyes nearly crossed.” Incredulous, “Wait, is that two lines?” Upon realizing this, I ran out to tell Cade, “Oh my gosh, I think I am.” That was all I said, and he understood. It was so touching that I burst into tears.

Who is Gabby Barrett Husband

The opportunity to own two female dogs named Gabby was exciting. The baby female, Foehner stated. One is insufficient. Baby Baylah was born to a happy couple on January 18th, 2021.

In a Facebook post commemorating his daughter's first birthday, he gushed about the joy of parenthood: “Happy birthday to my precious tooty, pooty, pumpkin pie, darlin', baby, lovey, cutie. I am one proud papa, for sure. Seeing you emulate your mother by caring for your baby doll is one of my favorite things in the world.

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To witness your maternal qualities developing so early on is quite remarkable. You're going to make a wonderful mom someday. If you're looking for a teacher, you've found a fantastic one. Writing about you makes me reflect on God's generosity in giving me a legacy. It is because of you, my daughter, that my life has meaning.

Who is Cade Foehner?

Cade Foehner revealed to Center Broadcasting Company, “I rodeoed my whole life… but I shattered my leg riding a horse. To that end, he elaborated, “So I asked for a guitar for Christmas, picked it up, and then I just kind of fell in love.”

His frequent social media images featuring himself astride a horse suggest otherwise.

“When I started in music, I was a guitar player, like, that was the first thing I ever did was play guitar,” he told Talent Recap. In actuality, music was just a means to an end for the reality star. Because of my financial situation, I was forced to pursue a career in singing; nevertheless, despite my desire to do so, I wasn't particularly good at it for a long time.

But as Foehner has pointed out, “the singing took precedence over the guitar playing after some time,” as the old proverb puts it. In all honesty, I consider myself a vocalist.

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As a performer, her faith is very important to her. During Cade's audition on American Idol, judge Katy Perry said she “seen some things” that her pastor parents would have kept hidden from her. Cade said, “I'm a minister, too, so it's OK.”

How Long Ago Did They Tie the Knot?

Barrett and Foehner's engagement was revealed roughly a year after the couple initially met. I've been thinking about making a proposal for quite some time,” Foehner stated. Being apart is becoming increasingly difficult. Due to our hectic schedules, it is not uncommon for us to go a whole month without seeing one another. That's too much, so I'm going to go ahead and do this!”

Who is Gabby Barrett Husband

Even more baffling, Foehner didn't have the ring on him because he hadn't brought it out with him. While visiting Los Angeles, he found out that the couple was staying at the same hotel where they had their first date.

Barrett and Foehner married the wedding on October 5, 2019, in Garrison, Texas, in the presence of one hundred guests. “We wanted a small, private wedding with close friends and family,” Barrett told PEOPLE before the wedding. The lead vocalist claimed that Foehner's appreciation for the outdoors and his upbringing in Texas influenced the decision to hold the concert in the woods.

According to Barrett, she “absolutely expected” the couple to cry during the exchange of their written vows. “We're both delighted to make such a serious and holy vow before the Lord, with our friends and family there to support us and celebrate,” Barrett said. One of our most anticipated life events is finally becoming a united family.

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Caleb Lee Hutchinson, one of Foehner's groomsmen, and Catie Turner, a contestant on American Idol Season 16, were among the invited guests.