Who Is Faze Jarvis Dating: Does His Ex Know Him Better?

Many gamers and content creators may not be aware of FaZe Jarvis' girlfriend, model Hannah Ridgeway, but if you are, you should be.

Jarvis and Hannah have been dating since the beginning of 2021, based on her first appearance on his channel, where he introduced her as his new girlfriend.

In videos he posted before they started dating, Jarvis frequently referred to Hannah as his “crush.” Fans of this pair have had the opportunity to see their love grow almost in real-time, from footage of a fart spray prank to a surprise massage to embarrassing questions.

In the beginning, it is evident that Hannah supports her boyfriend's career, but there is much more to discover about her. FaZe Jarvis has been playing video games since he was a child, and his growth as a player has surprised many.

For now, it appears that his new job as a boxer has taken hold after a lifelong ban from playing the video game “Fortnite” hindered matters for him. He continues to post YouTube videos of himself and his friends having fun in the real world.


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Even though he's had his share of ups and downs, he's still quite popular and successful.

So, who is FaZe Jarvis' significant other, and what do we know about her? Hannah Ridgeway is about to arrive, so get ready.

Hannah Ridgeway is a social media star.

Hannah, like her partner, places a high value on being active on social media. TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are just a few places where she's displayed her work. In particular, her Instagram is awash in breathtaking modeling photos.

Though she's experimented with a wide range of appearances, one thing has been constant for a long time: her signature pink hair. Irrespective of the outfit, Hannah always manages to exude class and refinement.


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While she's known for her successful Instagram modeling career, Hannah's YouTube channel provides a glimpse into the personal side of her life. There are several movies she's made with him in which she reveals his direct messages and uses an eye tracker on him.

She's also competed in “Fortnite” for the opportunity to be his girlfriend. Even when Jarvis and Ridgeway are making light of their relationship, Ridgeway isn't afraid to join in on the fun.

It doesn't matter how little time Hannah spends online these days. Her material on social media platforms such as Twitter and TikTok is still lighthearted and playful.

Hannah Ridgeway's a Huge Britney Spears Fan

“It's Britney, b***h!” you've been fooled! Hannah's favorite artist is Britney Spears, and it's easy to understand why. Hannah's admiration for the legendary vocalist is unquestionably more enormous than that of the general public.


Dolls from the 2000s, including a “Play-Along Concert Stage,” were sold on Twitter in February 2021 by model and social media creator Britney Spears.

Her love for Britney is undeniable, even if she didn't follow up with her fans on the purchase she had previously discussed.

Hannah's admiration for Britney does not end there. The Britney Spears Museum was a blast for Hannah, as she documented on TikTok in January 2020. It's evident from the video that she's “been in love with Britney Spears's entire life.”

As evidenced by her exuberant reactions to famous Britney Spears video props and scenes from “Toxic” and other smash hits like “Circus” and “Stronger,” Hannah is a die-hard Britney Spears fan.

Faze Jarvis' Ex-girlfriend, and Hannah Ridgeway Get Along Well

Isn't it challenging to get along with your favorite person's ex? Hannah Ridgeway is out of this. Hannah, Jarvis' ex-girlfriend, is a model and social media sensation, but she isn't afraid to admit it. Genuinely, it appears that they're rather friendly with each other.

FaZe Jarvis has been in several videos with Hannah and Sommer, and the three appear to be having a fantastic time.

FaZe-related trivia, a film about FaZe's ideal partner, and a playfully dramatic showdown in which Hannah bakes a real cake to compete with Sommer's so-called “cake” are all examples of how much fun the three stars have made light of their shared history and friendship.

When you hear more about Hannah Ridgeway, you can see why FaZe Jarvis would be a great fit for her. Fans can expect to see more high-quality content from the model and social media star soon.

Jarvis' YouTube Video Featuring His Ex And Current Girlfriend

Ex-girlfriend Sommer Ray and current girlfriend Hannah Ridgeway competed in the ‘Who Knows Me Better Challenge?' To his 4.41 million YouTube fans, he uploaded the video.

For the games, Jarvis would pose a series of questions to the girls and have them write down and present their answers to the camera. Everyone who correctly answered the questions would receive a point.


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Some of the questions included: his favorite restaurant, clothing brand, animal, car, artist, color, worst fear, most minor favorite color, celebrity crush, and a slew of other discussion topics.

Ray was getting most of the answers accurate, except a couple, at the beginning of the game. Ridgeway's inability to answer basic questions about him prompted Jarvis to remark that his ex knew him better than his current girlfriend.

Jarvis And His Ex-Girlfriends

No one knows how many women Gamer has been linked to, but a few have come forward to speak about their relationships with him.

Harriet Parkes, an Instagram model, was rumored to have been dating Jarvis in 2018. FaZe Kay, his brother, and Charlotte, Harriet's sister, have all made videos documenting the couple's connection. According to a video recorded by Charlotte in December of last year, the pair had a falling out over the game.


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Carrington Durham, an Instagram model, was seeing Jarvis Durham in 2019. FaZe Kay, Jarvis' brother, shared a video of the two breaking up on YouTube in May this year.

Jarvis' Instagram model girlfriend sat next to him while he played Fortnite in the video. The couple decided to break up because of their busy schedules and lack of time to spend together.

Sommer Ray, an Instagram model, was also rumored to be in a relationship with Jarvis. In September 2019, Kay's brother set a date for him with Ray, whom he had a crush on.

There have been countless videos of Ray and Jarvis together on both Jarvis' and other people's youtube channels. There would be no record of the date of their breakup if they were, in fact, dating.

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