Who is Ellerie Marie? What Happened to RiceGum’s Girlfriend’s Unborn Child?

Bryan Quang Le, better known as RiceGum on YouTube, has recently attracted attention for personal reasons. He and his partner Ellerie Marie just came up about the loss of their newborn kid.

RiceGum and his partner Marie sent a video to YouTube to share the devastating news with their fans. Who is Ellerie Marie? Read on to learn more about RiceGum's lady love Ellerie Marie.

Who is Ellerie Marie?

Professionally, Ellerie Marie works as a social media influencer. She began her career as a content creator on the mobile video platform TikTok. She began routinely uploading videos to TikTok and quickly amassed over 500,000 dedicated fans.

Marie's TikTok channel is full of beauty and fashion tutorials and popular dancing videos. She also keeps her followers entertained with amusing posts. She also posts endearing clips of herself and her lover RiceGum.

Ellerie Marie is Quite Active on Instagram

Ellerie has amassed a sizable following on Twitter and Instagram over the past few years. She has 523,000 Instagram followers right now. It says “mommy ” in her Instagram bio.

The pregnant social media star posted a sweet message to her unborn daughter on her Instagram account. “Oh, my Sweet Angel. I love and miss you so much, baby,” she said alongside a series of photos from her pregnancy photoshoot.

On Saturday morning, Ellerie posted a snapshot to her Instagram Story revealing a brand new tattoo on her hand. Her new ‘B' tattoo is dedicated to her daughter. She only tagged the photo with “B for my girl.”

The Tragic News Of Their Baby

On April 29, 2023, RiceGum and his fiancee Ellerie broke the devastating news that they had lost their unborn daughter. The YouTuber with 10 million followers announced the news to their loved ones in a video documenting Marie's pregnancy and the couple's emotional announcement to their friends and family.

The name he gave the video on YouTube was “Baby Girl.” Bryan Quang said in a video posted to his official YouTube channel that they kept going to their doctors and that everything was well up until the 34th week.

RiceGum and Ellerie's friends and family celebrated their impending arrival with a baby shower. Then, in week 35, things started going downhill for the couple. The couple were told their kid did not have a heartbeat at that time.

The physicians ran numerous tests, but they still couldn't determine what killed the couple's unborn daughter. He said in a shared note, “At 35 weeks pregnant, our world fell down on us when we were told our baby no longer had a heartbeat.

All the blood and genetic tests came out perfect, thus the cause of this tragedy will never be discovered. The induction process took 48 hours for Ellerie. She gave birth to the most perfect angel,” the American YouTuber continued.

Who is Ellerie Marie

Adorable newborn girl with rosy cheeks and a button nose. She appeared to be sound asleep, she was so serene. If only she could have made it here a few weeks earlier! Even now, he continued, “We are in terrible shock.

When our baby was born, everyone was overjoyed to meet him or her, but now we're all in pain and scarred for life. We got through this tragedy, but only because of time. Without each other, we would never make it through this.

In addition, RiceGum shared his and Ellerie's families' sorrow over the loss of their daughter. Until we meet again, my beautiful baby girl,” he said at the video's conclusion. Your parents adore and miss you very much.

People Showing Love and Support to RiceGum and his girlfriend Ellerie

Always keeping you and your loved ones in my thoughts, as one social media user put it. She will be missed by those who knew her. Another devoted follower then added, “i love you, sending you my love.”

A second supporter wrote, “Rest in peace, angel. You two have already proven to be wonderful parents by the unconditional love you've showed for her from the beginning. That's what counted, and it still counts.

The victim does not merit such suffering. I hope everything is going well for you and your family. An additional comment from the user read, “i love u more than words can describe.” According to a commenter, “Ricegum recently uploaded a video on youtube for the first time in 2 years to announce that his baby didn't make it.

The jokes about “did it feel good tho” are insensitive and infuriating, as much as I loathe rice as a food group as a whole. During this difficult time, may the love and support of friends and family surround RiceGum, his girlfriend Ellerie Marie, and their families. Peace be with their angel now.

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