WHO IS DOSSIER? Need To Know Everything

Dossier is a useful, budget-friendly brand that aims to deliver a pleasant and economical fragrance for everyone. Fine perfumes have become a privilege that everyone can buy due to the beauty industry's culture. Perfumes have become more costly than they should be due to expensive packaging and celebrity endorsements. Dossier offers high-quality dupe perfumes and replica perfume.

If you're looking for a high-quality smell on a budget, Dossier won't let you down. Dossier offers you with an good quality, clean, ethical, and fragrance that lasts long within your range, so it's no longer an investment.

The scent of your fragrances is a representation of your personality; it is a representation of your power. Dossier wishes to make you happy, but they also want their item to be beneficial for you both and the environment.

Dossier's Transparency:

The most significant point is that Dossier employs original and exotic substances sourced from all over the world, and its one-of-a-kind ingredient combination is ideal for your needs. Their brand feature enables you to see which ingredients and to what percentage they are utilised in your product, as well as the suppliers of those components.

Dossier, The Ideal Brand:

Dossier is the ideal scent for anyone who desires to feel regal without spending an eternity on it. Dossier, for example, is a delightful scent that boosts your pride as well as your individuality. Brand Dossier is very transparent and open about their methods, such as packaging, sourcing, and, of course, their charitable activity.


Luxury scents should not be a privilege only for the top 1% of the population; everyone has the freedom to pick royalty within his means. Dossier's fragrances start at $19, which is 70-90 percent less for the average premium perfume brand.

Customer Satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction is critical for any organisation in order to keep customers and to continuously try to offer them something fresh. Dossier provides customers a 20% discount on perfumes when they purchase 5 or more bottles, as well as free shipping when they purchase any three products.

Dossier gives their customers the opportunity to try out their items first. The buyer can return the perfume bottle if he does not like it. Our return policy sets us apart from the competition. When a customer returns a bottle, Dossier gives them a full refund and donates the perfume to charity.

Differentiation From Others: 

All of the goods are vegan and environmentally friendly, and the formulations are cruelty-free and non-toxic, so you can travel guilt-free.

Dossier's products not only are vegetarian and cruelty-free, but also paraben and phthalate-free, and also colourant and UV filter-free. There are no dangerous chemicals in any of products.


The brand never compromises on quality. Even at this low price of $19, it's a steal. Dossier bottles contain the greatest quality scents, which were once regarded a luxury. Scents are sourced from the world's perfume capital, Grasse, and France. To ensure that the promise of long-lasting scent is kept, the highest standards govern and the perfume content is greater than many other brands.

Dossier Your Top Pick:

Dossier is not only cost-effective, but also environmentally beneficial. It is derived from natural sources and does not contain hazardous intoxicants that could cause a reaction on your skin.

Dossier is vegan and cruelty-free; none of the ingredients were sourced or experimented on pets. There are no lanolin, gelatine, or carmine-like ingredients in it. It's free of parabens and phthalates. There is no colourant or UV filter in it. Which of the brands offers all of this at such a low cost?

Loyality With Founders:

Dossier was founded in 2018, and their ecommerce store began in April 2019. Since then, they have sold large number of bottles of incense. Sergio Tache, CEO of Dossier, and Ines Guien, Head for Transportation and Product Development, went from 0 to 10000 in an instant.

The beauty sector isn't the only one where a lack of self-confidence is on the rise. The flaws we discover in our personalities are frequently in contrast to industry trends. Dossier does not confine you to the footsteps of others, but rather creates the ideal just for you, complementing you on one-of-a-kind and royal mixtures that allow you to build your personal laws and stimulate your senses.

Aarif Kapur
Aarif Kapur
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