Who Is DD Osama Dating? Let’s Know About His Love Life

DD Osama is quickly becoming a prominent figure in the world of rap and hip-hop. His songs “Without You,” “Dead Opps,” and “40s N 9s,” among others, have amassed millions of views on YouTube, which has contributed to his notoriety as a recording artist.

Additionally, he is a part of the Notti World collective, which also includes his brother JayKlickin and his other brother, JStar Balla. His birth date was November 29, 2006, and he was born in the city of Harlem, New York. His real name is David Reyes.

But what about his romantic relationships? Who is DD Osama dating? Is he dating anyone at the moment, either a girlfriend or a boyfriend? How did they first get together, and what is their relationship like now? Here is everything that we know about DD Osama's past relationships and current status in those relationships.

Who Is DD Osama Dating?

In the year 2023, DD Osama is not seen with anyone, according to a number of different sources, including HITC and Everything Mixed. As far as we are aware, he does not have a romantic partner and has not been linked with anyone romantically in recent times.

Who Is dd osama Dating Now 2023
Who Is dd Osama Dating Now 2023

The young rapper, who is only 16 years old, has been concentrating on his career and is currently working on a number of different projects. Notti World is his first studio album, and it was just recently released. The album features collaborations with Lil Tjay, Lil Durk, Polo G, and other artists. In addition to that, his song “Spider-Man” was featured on the soundtrack of the animated film Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

In various interviews, DD Osama has stated that he does not have any interest in dating at this time and that he would rather keep the details of his personal life private. In addition to this, he stated that he does not wish to have any distractions from relationships and that he would rather concentrate on his music and his family.

Past Relationship Of DD Osama

Since he was a child rapper, DD Osama has been in the spotlight, but he has never been linked to another person in a high-profile romantic relationship. On the other hand, he has a long history of being linked with his friends and co-stars, and whenever he is seen hanging out with a woman, his fans are quick to assume that they are dating.

It was said that he had dated a number of different people, including the following:


Aniyah is a popular user of TikTok and has more than 2 million subscribers on the platform. They were spotted together at a variety of events as well as on social media, but neither party ever acknowledged that they were dating.

Alabama Barker:

Alabama Barker is the child of reality star Shanna Moakler and the drummer for the band Blink-182, Travis Barker. It was reported that they were seen spending time together in Los Angeles in 2022, but it turned out that they were just friends.

Jenna Ortega:

Jenna Ortega has appeared on such shows as “You,” “Jane the Virgin,” and “Wednesday.” They were both nominated for their roles at the Golden Globes in 2023, which is where they first met each other. They liked each other's photos and commented on each other's posts on Instagram, but they were never more than friends.

During an Instagram Live broadcast in 2023, DD Osama categorically denied ever having dated any of them, stating: “According to the internet, I dated like six girls, [but] I dated none of them.”

DD Osama Lost His Brother Notti Osama

Ethan Reyes, also known as Notti Osama, DD Osama's younger brother, was a person who was known to have a very close relationship with DD Osama. In addition to that, he was a rapper and a part of the collective known as Notti World. His work with DD Osama can be heard on songs like “Peter Pan,” “Notti World,” and “Without You.”

The tragic news is that Notti Osama passed away on July 9, 2022, when she was only 15 years old. In Harlem, an assailant who has not been identified shot and killed him. The news of his passing came as a devastating blow to DD Osama and the rest of his family.

Who Is dd osama Dating Now 2023

DD Osama has paid tribute to his brother through his music and various social media platforms. He posted the following message on Instagram:

“I love you bro you was my everything I don't know how ima do this without you.”

Additionally, he paid tribute to him by naming his album Notti World after him, saying

“This for you bro I know you watching over me.”

Final Words

Even though he is one of the most popular young rappers today, DD Osama is currently single in the year 2023. He enjoys his independence and life without a partner. He has never been seen with another person, and anyone who has tried to flirt with him has been ignored or rejected. His brother Notti Osama passed away in 2022, but he has found solace in music and his loved ones. DD Osama is a free-spirited, self-assured rapper who is absolutely crushing it.

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