Who is Cole Sprouse Dating in 2023? Find Out Who His New Flame Is!

Cole Sprouse, a former child star, has taken several precautions to shield his personal life from the public eye. His past relationships have mostly been private, so there's a lot of mystery surrounding the Riverdale star's current girlfriend.

His most high-profile engagement was with Lili Reinhart. Let's take a look at the relationship status of Cole and Lili, then we will move on to see Who Is Cole Sprouse Dating in 2023?

When Did Cole and Lili Start Dating?

In 2017, Cole and his Riverdale co-star Lili extended their on-screen romance to the real world by leaving sarcastic comments on each other's social media postings and making rare public appearances together.

Fans hoped the pair's on-screen connection would translate to real life & spread rumors that they were dating for months. Nonetheless, it took a lot of time & consideration before they decided to go public with their love.

Many people had asked the couple individually if they were a couple. Cole told People that he would neither confirm nor refute the claims in order to protect the privacy of those involved.

Cole, despite his protestations, increased the visibility of his relationship with Lili. It was the Met Gala in May 2019 and the couple looked very much in love. Two months later, though, the pair split up for the first time.

According to rumors, the couple broke up for the first time in July 2019, however, most sources agree that they had been estranged for some time. Yet, the new season of Riverdale could reignite their romance.

Who is Cole Sprouse Dating in 2023

“This time, they broke up during a break from filming following an altercation. Cole ended their romance for good,  “a source at the time told E! Now that production has resumed, their relationship is likely to be repaired & they will reconcile and get back together.

Months later, the couple indirectly addressed the accusations by posting identical photos of their joint W cover and saying they were still together. With the caption “BREAKING: A trustworthy source has confirmed that none of you know s—t,” Lili made a bold claim.

Cole announced in August 2020 that he & Lili had “permanently broken up” on Instagram. As reported by Teen Vogue, he explained their breakup as follows: “Lili & I originally parted in January of this year, then we decided to move permanently split in March.”

Further, he said “What a miraculous thing love is & I will always be grateful for the chance to experience it. I hope the future brings her nothing but love and joy. All I'm going to say about the subject is that everything else you hear is irrelevant.”

Cole Sprouse Commented About His & Lili’s Breakup in March 2023

The split between Cole and Lili was traumatic for both of them. For several years, they were forced to work side by side on the set of Riverdale. Cole and Lili declined to retire from their roles as Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper on television.

Thus production continued through the seventh and final season of the CW program. Cole randomly told host Alex Cooper about his dating status on the Call Her Daddy podcast days before Season 7 of Riverdale debuted.

Cole said that their 55:47 conversation was more time spent together than he would have desired in a relationship with Lili. And he said he felt public and Riverdale fan pressure to stay with his ex.

If I had loved myself a bit more, I might have ended sooner,” Cole explains in the podcast. As a result, I felt overwhelmed with the responsibility of caring for others around me. Perhaps I should have been a little more self-centered at the time.

Who is Cole Sprouse Dating in 2023?

In the months following his “permanent end” to his romance with Lili in August 2020, Cole was seen with a number of models, including Kaia Gerber & Reia Silva. But since February 2021, he has apparently been in a happy relationship with model Ari Fournier.

Initially dating in Canada, the couple then relocated to the United States. Since their initial meeting, the pair have celebrated birthdays with one another, attended fashion shows together, and travelled to the United States and Canada.

Who is Cole Sprouse Dating in 2023

Bustle reports that Ari is originally from Montreal, Canada and that she blogs about her experiences in the modelling industry on her personal YouTube channel. The couple rarely posts photos of each other online, but when they do, the results are always breathtaking.

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