Who is Chris Appleton Dating After His Divorce From Lukas Gage?

Chris Appleton, known for styling Kim Kardashian's hair, has been in a new relationship since his breakup with Lukas Gage. Chris and Lukas rushed through their romance. It flowered and died in 2023.

The couple confirmed that they will marry in April 2023 (with Kim Kardashian officiating). Their split was confirmed in November 2023.

But now, three months after his divorce from Lukas Gage, Chris Appleton has moved on and started dating a new woman. So, who's the new guy?

Who is Chris Appleton dating now?

According to US Weekly and TMZ, Appleton is currently dating “out of the limelight” art collector Federico Debernardi.

According to a source, Appleton and Debernardi's relationship is “very new,” and the couple has only “been on a few dates,” but Appleton is “extremely happy with where he is right now.”.

According to TMZ, the new pair was first photographed together during the Oscars weekend earlier this month, hanging out at Los Angeles' famous hotel, Chateau Marmont.

Debernardi uploaded a series of images on Instagram on March 7, one of which was taken outside the Chateau Marmont.

According to TMZ, Appleton and Harvard graduate Debernardi met through “mutual friends about a month ago” and are now “keeping things laid-back” between them.

What happened between Chris and Lukas Gage?

Appleton filed for divorce from Gage in November 2023, nearly seven months after they married. According to legal documents from Los Angeles, Appleton cited “irreconcilable differences” as the cause for their split, which occurred on November 10; per People. These documents also demonstrate that they reached an agreement after getting married.

Who is Chris Appleton Dating

Their relationship progressed swiftly. They began dating in February 2023, became engaged in March, and married in April 2023. Gage revealed at the time that they had a special wedding ceremony performed by Kim Kardashian.

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Appleton's professional path crossed with Kim Kardashian's when he styled Christina Aguilera's hair for The Voice. Since then, he has become Kardashian's principal hair stylist and has formed a close bond with her.

What about Lukas Gage's love life?

Earlier this year, You actor Lukas Gage stated that he was also getting back into the dating game on the dating app Hinge.

In January, he stated that he wanted to join a mainstream service like Hinge, rather than a special celebrity dating app because he was looking for “the real ones..”.

Who is Chris Appleton Dating

“We do not need any more influencers. “We're fine; we've already done that,” he said, throwing some subtle dig at Appleton.

Last week, Gage dismissed rumors that he was dating Saltburn star Archie Madekwe, stating that the two are “just friends” after a video of them went viral. In the video, Gage joked that Madekwe was his “new husband.”. Gage may be a little too busy to date right now, given the tasks he has lined up.

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His next action feature, Road House, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Conor McGregor, is out tomorrow (March 21), and he recently finished filming the sequel to the 2022 horror thriller, Smile.

He also just appeared in FX's black comedy Fargo alongside Joe Keery from Stranger Things, and his new Netflix comedy-drama Dead Boy Detectives will be released in April.

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