Who Is Chase Hudson Dating? Did He Get Back With CHARLI D’AMELIO?

TikTok's on-again-off-again power couple Charli D'Amelio and Chase “Lil Huddy” Hudson continued to tease fans by coordinating Halloween costumes this year.

ICYMI, Charli served in a colorful Alice in Wonderland costume complete with a blonde wig, while Chase made a believable Mad Hatter.

Both Charli and Chase uploaded Instagram photographs and TikToks in their matching ensembles, continuing to stir rumors that they are back together.

The allegations of Chase's infidelity surfaced in July of 2020, prompting the TikTok stars to call it quits on their on-and-off relationship that spanned the entirety of 2020.

The tumultuous breakup was at the center of a flurry of drama on TikTok, which culminated in Chase's infamous post from July 6, which exposed adultery amongst practically every TikTok pair dating at the time.

However, many were perplexed when Charli, only a few weeks after the events of July 6, reposted part of Chase's Instagram story, giving the impression that she and Chase remained friends. Since then, the two have continued to consistently shock people by displaying evident signs of affection for one another.

Let's look at the most recent factors that have encouraged people to speculate about them getting back together.

Supporting His Music Career

Charli has not been bashful about expressing her enthusiasm for her boyfriend Chase's fledgling music career.

Who Is Chase Hudson Dating

She played the female lead opposite Chase in the music video for his third single, “America's Sweetheart,” published in April 2021 and was subsequently reported to be about his romance with the TikTok star. The video was released in April 2021.

A couple of days following the music video release, Charli shared a series of images to her Instagram account that included both of them on the music video set, along with a lengthy caption that gushed about how enjoyable the experience of filming the music video was.


She expressed her gratitude by saying the following about Chase: “I am immensely thankful for being able to be in this film and getting the chance to be a part of this piece of art with the person I can count on for everything.”

For Chase and me, it was an emotional day since we were both allowed to be vulnerable in every scene, which resulted in some tears on our parts.

Teenage Heartbreak was published on September 17, and Charli continued demonstrating her support for Chase's music career when she posted a YouTube video of the two creating cupcakes inspired by each track.

Charli asked Chase in the video how many songs on the album were about her, to which he answered, “let's keep it a surprise for the audience,” but referred to the fact that Charli knew the answer herself.

Charli Shares Her Side on the D'amelio Show

Chase and Charli were said to be back together during Charli's appearance on the reality show The D'Amelio Show.

On September 3, Hulu aired the episode, but it was probably shot earlier. For example, the second episode begins concerning Dixie D'Amelio's Vogue YouTube video, which was posted in January.

Who Is Chase Hudson Dating

Keeping this in mind, Charli opened up about her connection with Chase to friends and producers in the fourth episode.

“We were both immature throughout our relationship, so it just didn't work,” she added. But we've concluded that being friends is preferable.

They have a “wonderful bond,” and “they genuinely know they have each other's back,” says Heidi, Charli's mother.

Charli described her relationship with Chase as “right person, wrong time” and expressed hope that she and Chase will “find each other again” in the same episode.

Chase Joins in on D'Amelio Family Trips

Even if they haven't reunited, Chase and Dixie's boyfriend, Noah Beck, have been spotted spending time together on several occasions.

Who Is Chase Hudson Dating

The D'Amelios family appeared to be traveling through Europe as Charli did, and Chase seemed to be joining them. When Charli and Chase went on a trip together, fans couldn't help but wonder if the two of them had rekindled their romance.

On December 28, both Chase and the D'Amelios families tweeted updates from St. Barths, where it appears they spent New Year's Eve with each other.

Unreleased Pictures From Chase's Birthday

Fans were ecstatic to see photos of Charli and Chase kissing on the internet, leading many to believe that the two had reunited.

As pointed out by fans, these photos were taken at Chase's birthday party in May, not only a few weeks ago.

Who Is Chase Hudson Dating

According to several other followers, Chase posted these images and then erased them in a hurry.

Charli and Chase appear to be getting closer, but it's impossible to know if they're more than just friends.

If these two decide to restart their romance, they may rest assured, knowing they will be surrounded by love and support!