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Who is Chase Chrisley Dating: Is He Going to Marry His Girlfriend?

Since both of Chase Chrisley's parents are in prison, it's hard to believe he has time to make a real connection. But even though things are hard, he still takes care of that emotional garden. And who is he going to leave it with?

Chase seems to be getting back together with his ex-girlfriend, who has been through more ups and downs with him than a roller coaster. Chase Chrisley and Emmy Medders have been proud of their relationship since they returned together.

Fans of Chrisley Knows Best are already ringing their wedding bells, but have they even gotten engaged? With whom does Savannah Chrisley go out? Let's get into it. In 2020, they started going out together.

Then, in August 2021, Chase said he was single, but they got back together in 2022, so their relationship wasn't over. Because of this, fans want Chase to ask her out soon. Even his dad, Todd, likes it when Chase and Emmy are around.

He even made fun of his son by saying he wanted him to be happy. In season 10 of Chrisley Knows Best, the father got what he wanted, and now everyone wants to know if the two were engaged. Check out this article to discover who Todd Chrisley Gay's lesbian lover is.

Who Does Chase Chrisley Date? He's Back With Emmy Medders!

Tell a friend that Emmy Medders is back. Who's back? They're back. Chase and Emmy seem to have kept coming back to each other even though they were moving around like they were playing volleyball. Chase told E! Online in August 2021 that he and Emmy were no longer dating and had “put the brakes on the proposal, that's for sure.”

Who is Chase Chrisley Dating

After that, the couple broke up. Chase was last seen on Emmy's Instagram on April 8, 2022. Since the picture was taken in a friendly way, it's possible that they were in a place they knew well.

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When this was written, Chase and Emmy were still very close after going to a wedding together in August 2022. They might be able to do it this time! But by May 10, they were making out on the main!

Chase Dated Lindsey Merrick Previously

Fans of the reality star first heard about Lindsey through the Instagram account of Todd Chrisley, the patriarch of the Chrisley family. Todd posted a picture of his son and Lindsey with the words, “This makes me smile; I'm so happy to officially introduce to the world one of the sweetest souls around.”

“We love you so much, sweet daughter. Chase is so lucky to have this young woman in his life.” In a May 2018 episode of Chrisley Knows Best, viewers saw Todd try to comfort his son after he broke up with his long-term girlfriend, Brooke Noury. We were surprised when Todd approved Lindsey because Chase's last girlfriend didn't have the same luck.


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But in a one-on-one interview, the reality star's dad said, “If I don't like you, I'll let you know. On the other hand, Chase is distraught that he is single and dating someone that none of us like. That comforts me so that I won't lie to you about it.”

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Is Chase Chrisley Going to Marry Emmy?

No, Chase and Emmy are not engaged as this was written. Even though many fans want Chase to propose, he hasn't been wearing any rings in recent pictures of the happy couple.

Emmy was seen with a ring on her finger, which made people wonder if they were married or not. Chase, now 26 and back with Emmy after three months apart, is being pushed to ask her to marry him.

A fan recently wrote on the couple's recent picture, “When are you guys getting married? Todd needs to start acting like a grandfather. This made people wonder if Chase was helping to raise his granddaughter Chloe.

In 2022, Chase and Emmy Got Back Together

Chase and Emmy broke up in 2021, but they got back together on Instagram in 2022. After spending time together on a yacht in May this year, they started sending each other pictures again. He had said to Life and Style Magazine in 2021 that he was legally single.

Who is Chase Chrisley Dating

The reality star did say that he and Emmy played “ping-pong” for a short time before they decided to “go their separate ways.” “I think it just came down to the fact that we each looked at what we wanted in life, and right now, they don't match up,” he said about why he and Emmy broke up.

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Chase Chrisley and Emmy Medders have been proud of their new relationship since they returned together. In 2020, they were linked for the first time. Then, in August 2021, Chase said he was single, but that wasn't the end of his time with Emmy because, in 2022, they got back together. Stay tuned to michigansportszone for the most recent news.

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