Who is Caillou Based on? Does Caillou Have Cancer?

Caillou, a popular Canadian educational sitcom, is probably familiar to you if you have a toddler or preschooler. Caillou, a young child of four, stars in the show, and he invites young viewers to explore the world and embark on adventures with him.

However, many viewers are perplexed as to why the cartoon figure is bald given that he is not an infant. Let's find out ” Who Is Caillou Based on?”. Keep reading to know everything in detail.

First of all, let's check Why is Caillou bald?

Why is Caillou Bald?

Caillou's baldness has a very heartwarming and encouraging significance, and it has nothing to do with cancer or any other disease. Caillou was first conceived as a nine-month-old infant.

When it came time for him to mature, his hair made him look completely different. According to the show's official website, “We decided Caillou would never have any hair, and he went on to become popular as a little boy who is bald.”

We believe that Caillou's baldness will teach kids that being different is not just okay, but natural.

Who is Caillou Based on?

Except for Caillou, all of the other show's characters have straightforward names like “Mommy,” “Daddy,” “Rosie,” “Grandma,” and “Grandpa.” But even his unusual name has significance.

According to the site, Christine L'Heureux chose the name for the character in recognition of Françoise Dolto's contributions. The French word for pebble is “Caillou,” and Dr. Françoise Dolto utilized them in a ceremony she developed.

The rest of the description reads, “She asked children to give her pebbles as a symbolic payment for her consultations, reflecting her philosophy of respect for the child as a person.”

Who is Caillou Based on

An early event provided more evidence that the name was fitting for the project. When Christine overheard a neighbor say, “Kayou, time to come in,” she knew she had made the right decision. How fascinating!

Fortunately, parents can now acquire Caillou dolls and other toys online, in addition to watching reruns of the show and reading related books with their kids. The software complements the printable paper activities that youngsters can do.

Even if production on the classic series has finished, there are still plenty of ways to watch the cute Caillou.

The ‘Caillou Has Cancer’ Controversy

Sometimes the tale is adjusted, and characters on the program would claim that Caillou is bald in order to “represent all kids.” That explanation sounds forced, and it appears that the show is attempting to put a good gloss on the Caillou baldness controversy, which has caused many parents to prohibit their children from watching Caillou.

Caillou is a bald man wearing a cape. As for me, I think it's fine if kids can't stop picturing Caillou as bald because he has cancer and still wants to watch the show. It's almost as though I hope no parents would forbid their children from playing with another child merely because the other child had cancer.

Every three minutes, a child is diagnosed with cancer around the world, and despite being an urban legend, ‘Caillou with cancer' embodies the struggle of many children. Who knows, maybe some kids with cancer will look up to Caillou and find consolation in the show, not realizing that Caillou having cancer is such a contentious issue…

Is Caillou Still on TV?

Unfortunately, there are no fresh episodes of the show on television. From September 1997 through October 2010, the show aired for five seasons. The series has received 144 new episodes in total.

Fortunately, you can still watch replays of the show! You can watch them live on PBS, but you can also watch them on Vudu, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Google Play, and iTunes.

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