Who Is Brooke Bailey Ex-Husband? The Man Behind The Headlines!

Women are selected for the cast of Basketball Wives because of their love ties to current or former NBA players. The women featured on the show must be girlfriends, mothers, or wives of active or retired NBA players.

It just so happens that Brooke Bailey is a fan favorite on Basketball Wives. Many viewers want to know if the NBA star she dated is her husband. It turns out that she is currently husband-free. In this article, we will read Who is Brooke Bailey ex-husband?

Who Is Brooke Bailey Ex-Husband?

Right now, Brooke is no longer married. In 2014, she married Ronnie Holland, who is now her ex-husband. Soon after the couple tied the knot, she became an active social media user, posting frequently about their wedding and love.

Who Is Brooke Bailey Ex-Husband

In 2016, Brooke and Ronnie renewed their wedding vows in a joyful Malibu ceremony. After the breakup, her followers noticed that she abruptly stopped talking about him on Instagram. Brooke got rid of any pictures that would remind her of her failed marriage.

They broke up, and she's starting a new, solo existence. She apparently discussed her divorce in an Instagram story she shared via Meaww, in which she wrote, “endings may be peaceful.” Several of her supporters believe she was addressing Ronnie without actually saying so.

Who Is Ronnie Holland?

Ronnie Holland is the former husband of Basketball Wives star, Brooke Bailey. He is believed to be a former basketball player. Ronnie Holland's relationship with reality actress Brooke Bailey has been the primary reason for the media attention he has received.

The specifics of his professional life and his previous places of employment are largely unknown. Some have imagined he was a basketball player because of his association with Bailey.

Exactly What Was Going on in Brooke Bailey's Life That Led to Her Divorce?

At this time, we don't know what prompted Brooke to file for divorce from Ronnie, but she appears to be content with her choice. She commented in her Instagram story, which was shared by The Jasmine Brand, “Marriage sounds better than girlfriend, but single sounds better than stupid. Yes. I'm currently not dating anyone.

She went on to explain, “The next person that's with me, like if you eff with me, you're stuck with me,” in reference to her future romantic plans after the breakup. Indeed, that's the last word.

Who Is Brooke Bailey Ex-Husband

When I got married the first time, I was really young, and when I got married the second time, I realized I shouldn't have been getting married to him, but I thought, “I'm going to do it for my kids,” which was a bad idea.

When pressed for more details, Brooke admitted, “I did it and it didn't work out, but I understood when I was getting myself into it that it wasn't the proper thing to do and I was in my early 20s then too.”

To put it another way, she is not completely opposed to the possibility of romantic attachment. Rashard Lewis, a former NBA player, is only one of the individuals besides other retired athletes who have been associated with Brooke romantically.

As a result of him, she is a cast member of Basketball Wives. Later in life, she dated Vernon Macklin of the Detroit Pistons. It's fascinating to reflect on Brooke's past relationships, and it will be much more intriguing to witness her return to the dating pool.

How Many Children Does Brooke Bailey Have?

Brooke Bailey has three children: a daughter and two sons. Kayla, her daughter, recently died. He's the father of a boy named Shumecio, however, Distracify shows that she has another son who is a complete mystery. The identities of her boys are unknown.


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