Who is Bobby Flay Dating Now 2022: Past and Present Relationship All Details!

Robert William Flay, who works as a chef and goes by the name Bobby Flay, is a famous American chef, reality TV star, and restaurant owner. The celebrity chef who is worth a million dollars has done well in his career, but he has had many personal problems. Meet the wives of Bobby Flay.

Bobby Flay Has Been Married to and Divorced From Three Women

Everyone probably knows that the 55-year-old TV star has been married three times and divorced. In his own life, he hasn't been able to keep the same faith.

Bobby Flay's First Marriage Was With Debra Ponzek

Debra Ponzek was a cook who worked with Bobby Flay. They first met at one of the Meals On Wheels' charity events. It didn't take long for them to start going out together. Bobb was 26 years old when they got married.

Back in the 1990s, they were known as one of New York City's most famous chefs. After dating for a few years, the two went on to the next level of their relationship.

Who is Bobby Flay Dating Now 2022

In May of 1991, they got married. A year later, they were both nominated for the 1992 Rising Star Chef Award from the James Beard Foundation.

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Sadly, the couple was not able to keep their marriage from ending. After two years of marriage, they split up. The two people who used to be together haven't said why they broke up.

The Second Marriage of Bobby Flay

Bobby met his second wife, Kate Connelly, in 1995, two years after he split up with his first wife. Bobby was divorced and living in an apartment when they first met.

Bobby and Kate met for the first time when he was on the show Robin Leach Talking Food, which she hosted. It was love at first sight, and they ended up going out together.

Who is Bobby Flay Dating Now 2022

On October 1, 1995, just one year after getting together, they married. At the time, Kate had an eight-year-old son from a previous relationship. After only three years of marriage, they split up in 1998.

Bobby Flay's Third Marital Life

Bobby got married for the third time to actress Stephanie March. His first two marriages had ended in divorce. Many people thought Bobby's breakup with his second wife was due to his relationship with Stephanie.

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From what Denote says, Bobby and Flay met for the first time in March 2000. While having dinner at Nobu in New York City, the two people confirmed that they were dating. Bobby and Stephanie married on February 20, 2005, after being together for more than four years.

Who is Bobby Flay Dating Now 2022

Page Six said the couple broke up after Stephanie learned about his other relationships. Someone who spreads rumors said that Bobby cheated on Stephanie with his much younger assistant. Stephanie's appendix burst, but Bobby did not stay with her.

He also didn't show up for their tenth anniversary. At that time, Bobby and Elyse Tirrell were caught at the Bar American. Stephanie did everything she could to make their marriage work, but Bobby always did something mean. In March 2015, he was the one who asked for a divorce. In July of that same year, they officially split up.

Bobby Flay's Third Wife Has Moved on

Sources say that Stephanie is now married. She got married to Dan Benton, who works in business. After dating for a few months, they married in Katonah, New York, on Septe, member 1, 2017. Bobby has moved on, but his third wife has also moved on.

After Three Divorces, Bobby Flay is Dating Girlfriend Helene Yorke

As was already said, the famous chef already has a partner. Helene Yorke is his girlfriend right now. Do you know that they met at a basketball game?

For your information, Helene is an actress, even though most people don't recognize her. On Masters of Sex and Quantico, where she was a star, she showed how good an actress she was. In 2017, Bobby's girlfriend was a guest judge on an episode of Beat Bobby Flay.

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Sources say that the two started dating soon after Bobby's third divorce. As of right now, the couple's relationship is going well. Helene Yorke has made an Instagram account where she posts pictures of the food she and her partner make.

Who is Bobby Flay Dating Now 2022

In one of her Instagram posts, Bobby Flay's girlfriend showed the ring on her ring finger and wrote that it didn't fit on her sausage finger. Many people thought that the two people in the picture were married.

But Bobby Flay and his girlfriend Helene Flay haven't confirmed that they're engaged yet and haven't said when they plan to get married.

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