Who is Antonio Banderas Wife: is He Married? All You Need to Know!

Antonio Banderas informed his fans of his cancer diagnosis via Twitter. The actor, famous for his parts in The Mask of Zorro and Desperado, admitted to feeling tired recently.

I feel relatively well, just a little more tired than usual,” he reassured his followers, giving them hope that he would make a full recovery. And yet, what concrete information do we have about his personal life?

Antonio Banderas's involvement in films of varying genres has also contributed to his widespread renown. The European Film Awards and the Cannes Film Festival both bestowed honors upon him. Five Golden Globes, the Tony, two Emmys, and the Oscar were all within his reach.

Who is Antonio Banderas's wife?

Antonio Banderas is currently single and has no immediate plans to tie the knot. However, he is a seasoned marital veteran, having tied the knot twice before. He wed actress Ana Leza in 1987. The couple's marriage lasted 10 happy years. In 1996, they officially separated as a result of the breakdown of their marriage.

Who is Antonio Banderas's wife?

After that, Antonio married the Hollywood actress Melanie Griffith. Stella Banderas was the product of a previous relationship between the two actors. Stella is a young woman of 23, so she is considered to be young. In 2015, Antonio and Melanie ended their marriage and divorced. But they've decided to keep being friends anyway. Antonio is rumored to be dating Nicole, according to the rumor mill.

Former couple Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith

Banderas and his ex-wife are still good friends, despite their separation (the two share a 22-year-old daughter, Stella). Actor Steven Bauer fathered Griffith's son, Alexander, who is 34 years old, and actor Don Johnson is the father of Griffith's daughter, Dakota, who is 29.

Banderas said of his wife Melanie, “I am not married with Melanie anymore, but she is my family.” in an interview with Vulture. Possibly the best friend I have, she is one of my closest companions. Dakota [Johnson], little Estella, and Alexander are all there.

“It did play a role in shaping who I am today. It's true; Pedro noticed that. He took note of it and offered the following counsel: “Don't hide this thing that you have now after your heart trouble, don't hide it.” Given her background of hardship, illness, and isolation, I think the role would benefit from hearing the expert actor's thoughts.

Banderas plays a director who must deal with the repercussions of his actions, both in the past and the present. I read in PEOPLE that he explained, “Because after you have a heart attack you acquire an amount of information about what life is about that is very difficult to put into words,” adding that he now “understood exactly what [Almodóvar] was talking about.” The meaning of life has been understood in a completely new way.

Who Does He Currently Have a Crush on?

A Golden Globe nomination and widespread Oscar buzz have followed the October release of Pain and Glory, thanks in large part to Banderas' performance. With Almodóvar, he's now worked on nine films.

Who is Antonio Banderas's wife?

The actor, 59, and his girlfriend, 39-year-old Nicole Kimpel, attended the 2020 Golden Globes together.

They started dating not long after the Zorro actor's 18-year marriage to Melanie Griffith ended in divorce in 2014. Kimpel and Banderas have been inseparable ever since they started dating, with the actor regularly sharing cute photos of Kimpel on social media.



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