Who is Anthony Padilla Dating? Unveiling Anthony Padilla’s Current Relationship Status!

Anthony Padilla is a well-known internet personality who has garnered a great deal of recognition as a result of the entertaining content, clever humor, and thought-provoking discussions that he posts on a variety of social media platforms.

Because he is such a beloved figure among his followers, it is only natural that many of them be curious about his personal life, particularly the person he is dating at the moment.

In this article, we delve into the romantic life of Anthony Padilla, exploring his past relationships and shedding light on the status of his dating life at the present time.

Who is Anthony Padilla Dating?

Anthony Padilla is likely to find the woman he will marry very soon. Anthony is publicly known to be dating Mykie, a famous makeup artist and YouTuber. Five months of secret dating led to their public announcement of their relationship in September 2019. The full name of Mykie is Lauren Mychal.

Their chemistry is undeniable, and they aren't afraid to show their affection for one another in public, even if it means kissing in front of a live camera. According to their social media posts, the couple's relationship is going strong ten months in.

How Did Anthony Padilla And Mykie Meet?

Before Padilla and Mykie confirmed their relationship on Instagram on December 13, 2019, fans had already begun to speculate about the possibility of the two sharing a romantic connection. Anthony expressed his feelings for Mykie in the captions that he added to the affectionate photos that he and Mykie had taken together

. According to the lengthy caption, the couple had been seeing each other for some time and were having trouble keeping their relationship a secret from others. It was written that:

“@mykie is the most wonderful human I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and I’m fortunate enough to call her my girlfriend – and beyond that, a partner and true teammate in life. Her charisma and the warmth she radiates and her sheer talent and creative drive. Holyshit. I finally get to introduce you to my favorite person on this entire planet.”

Who is Anthony Padilla Dating

Who Is Mykie?

Mykie, better known by her YouTube alias Glam&Gore, is a renowned beauty and special effects makeup artist and creator. She has captivated the attention of millions of people all over the world with her special brand of glamorous horror.

Mykie's exceptional artistry and ability to transform herself into various captivating characters, from beautiful and ethereal looks to spine-chilling and macabre creations, are hallmarks of her content.

Her fan base is composed of people who are inspired by her meticulous approach to makeup application, imaginative narratives, and warm personality.

Mykie uses her videos as a platform to share not only her incredible talents but also messages about the importance of being yourself, accepting your body, and loving yourself just the way you are. As she continues to challenge the cosmetics industry, she gains more and more respect and admiration from her peers in the beauty industry.

Past relationship Of Anthony Padilla

Anthony Padilla And Kalel Cullen

Who is Anthony Padilla Dating

Let's take a quick look at Anthony Padilla's history of dating before we get into the specifics of his current relationship status. Padilla's previous significant other was fellow YouTuber Kalel Cullen, with whom she shared a long-term relationship.

The year 2010 marked the beginning of the couple's courtship, which culminated in an engagement in 2013. Despite this, in December 2014 they made the announcement that they were going their separate ways after being together for a few years.

As a result of their breakup, Anthony Padilla withdrew from the public eye in order to concentrate on his own personal development and investigate various new opportunities.

Anthony Padilla And Miel Bredouw

Who is Anthony Padilla Dating

According to the most recent information that has been gathered, Anthony Padilla is dated Miel Bredouw, who is also a YouTuber and works in the acting and comedy industries. Late in 2018, the two of them started dating, and ever since then, they have been completely open about their relationship on social media.

Padilla and Bredouw frequently treat their fans to glimpses of their life together through vlogs, podcasts, and social media posts. Their fans are delighted by the chemistry that the couple possesses and the common interests that they share.

Latest News About Anthony Padilla

According to Forbes Anthony Padilla has rejoined the Smosh team, and he and Ian Hecox, the other co-founder of Smosh, have formed a partnership to purchase the YouTube comedy brand that the three of them established 18 years ago.

Who is Anthony Padilla Dating

The onscreen comedy partners and offscreen business associates have reunited in order to purchase a majority ownership stake in Smosh from Mythical Entertainment, which is the production company of YouTube talk show stars Rhett & Link. Since Padilla left Smosh in 2017 and started his own ventures, Padilla and Hecox have not been seen in videos or in public together.

Padilla cited his lack of creative inspiration as the reason for his departure from Smosh. Hecox remained with Smosh and was responsible for guiding the company through the dissolution of its then-parent company, Defy Media, as well as its subsequent acquisition in 2019 and rebirth as Rhett & Link's Mythical.


Anthony Padilla, the popular internet personality known for his captivating content, has found happiness in his romantic life. Currently dating Mykie, a talented Youtuber, Padilla has been open about their relationship, sharing glimpses of their life together with fans.

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