Andrew Schimmer’s Reaction on His Wife Death!

After a long battle with illness, actor Andrew Schimmer's fiancee, Jho Rovero, has died. He posted a photo of their hands interlocked on Facebook, complete with wedding bands for their imaginary nuptials. My dearest friend, my partner in crime, and the love of my life: my wife. He begged you to never forget that you had promised to be “together forever.”

This is our Sleeping Beauty; he has iniwaned us, his pals,” he said in another Facebook video clip. Rovero spent nearly a year in a coma as a result of his chronic asthma, and he died of heart arrest. She also suffered from hypoxemia, which made it difficult for her to breathe.

Andrew said in a video that he was in the middle of filming when he got the news that his wife had experienced a loss of oxygen and “everything.” She was already being revived when he got there. It seems as though they exhausted every possible option. “It hurts a lot,” he admitted. He said, “His marriage is doing fine; there's no sign of trouble.”

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It was a terrifying moment for Andrew to lose his love of life. In a video on Facebook, he shared his “sleeping beauty” with the faithful who had been following her recuperation process for quite some time. Who has been hospitalized for a very long time after he had a severe asthma episode that caused cardiac arrest and a shortage of oxygen to his brain.

The only grump, he went on, is that their youngest child's birthday is later. They must be nearing their son's birthday now. People all over the internet and in the entertainment world expressed their sorrow at his terrible announcement of Jho's death.