Who is Andre? Check Out Freeridge Character Explanation!

In Freeridge, Cam confronts his boyfriend Andre, who goes above and above to help him recover before he can deal with Demi and his feelings for her. Zaire Adams portrays him on screen.

Andre, Cam's boyfriend, is a vivacious, charming, and honest guy. As Cam begins to worry that he and Andre aren't a good match anymore, Andre begins to worry that something outside of their relationship is threatening to destroy it.

Andre misses Cam's signals that he wants to end their relationship, but he does notice the scar that's clearly troubling Cam.

To aid Cam and Demi, Andre steps in

Despite the fact that Andre and Cam's relationship is underdeveloped and they are rarely shown together, Andre can still detect when Cam is trying to keep something from him. Andre quickly realizes that he has been permanently damaged by someone from his past. To him, it's obvious why they've stopped talking to one another.

Andre welcomes Cam and Demi to his show

Cam confirms Andre's suspicion on his show, “It's a Brand New Dre,” but he doesn't say who it is; later, it's revealed that the mystery guest was actually Demi. Andre finds out that Cam and Demi got into it about the subject.

Demi's friendship with Andre's lover Cam is very precious to him. Demi was a cohost on Andre's podcast. Andre defended Demi and Cam after their friendship collapsed. At Gloria and Ines' housewarming celebration, he puts Cam and Demi in a room and ties their hands behind their backs so they can't spill their drinks.

Who is Andre

He will not release them until they have reconciled their disputes. When they finally makeup, it ends in a kiss, which Andre unfortunately sees. After learning that Demi was Cam's obsession, he feigns unconsciousness. He gets to his feet and quickly leaves the gathering.

The Impact of Andre

Andre tells his Dre-niacs about it in a special episode of his show that airs on Sunday. Soon after Andre's confession, it begins to have an effect on Cam and Demi. The school community and Dre's devoted supporters begin making fun of Cam and Demi.

He thinks they need to have a showdown on his show in order to resolve the issue. Demi does make an appearance on Andre's show, and she lays out every reason why Cam should have ended things with Andre all along.

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Andre eventually forgives Demi and turns his cold shoulder only towards Cam, realizing that Demi had nothing to do with the breakdown of his relationship with Cam.

Why Did Cam Break Up with Andre?

After Demi's confession, Cam makes an effort to shape his friendship with Andre. To set the record straight, he says he wasn't just pretending to like him. He is so inept at most things that he just couldn't work up the nerve to tell Andre.

Andre is utterly genuine, and he welcomes all perspectives. Amazing, yet Cam is frightened by it because he doesn't sure how to express himself in such a setting. Cam, in contrast to Andre, is still trying to define himself.

Andre, too, spent a lot of time thinking about whether Cam liked him or not. After breaking up with her, he realized he didn't feel the same way about Cam.

Andre is a Stage-Five Clinger

Andre immediately finds love not long after Cam's confession, with Benji, the new tech guy for his show. Cam thinks they were dating long before they split up. It's not that Cam wants to put Andre in danger by following him around.

Instead, he approaches Andre with a friend request, explaining that he dislikes the prospect of becoming unpopular. Andre blames himself for this situation and ignores him completely.

Who is Andre

After some time has passed, Andre comes to Demi and Cam to whine about how he wants to end things with Benji because Benji has invited Andre to meet his parents for Thanksgiving dinner.

Demi and Cam are mystified by Andre's sudden desire to cut ties with Benji. Andre says Benji is a stage five clinger, meaning he becomes too connected too fast. Benji's entire strategy for gaining Andre's favor consists of always being in his company & complimenting him.

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Andre admits to being a stage five clinger when Cam points out that his behavior sounds similar. Andre loses consciousness for a minute or so & wakes up at the same place Cam was. Now he doesn't know where to turn in his search for an escape route from his relationship with Benji.

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