Who Is Alex Stein? The Troller Who Sexually Abused AOC?

Who Is Alex Stein: Conservative online phenomenon Alex Stein has come under fire from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for labeling her a “big booty Latina” who “wants to kill kids.” Cortez tweeted after the attack on the Capitol steps on July 13: “I blogged about a truly awful incident, but pulled it off cuz it's certainly someone wanting radical celebrity.”

To work for a corporation that tacitly approves of such actions is sad, but complaining about it only promotes more of the same. Sadness, lots of it. A billionaire by 40, Rep. Cortez later tweeted, “I was almost walking over to deck him because if no one will defend us then I'll do it myself but I needed to catch a vote more than a case today.”

She posted a video of the incident alongside her update. Before proceeding up the Capitol steps, Cortez had a brief confrontation with Stein, during which he flashed a peace sign to the camera. Stein, though, kept saying, “Hot, hot, hot like a tamale!”

After the agent criticized the comedian, the latter quickly took the blame, saying, “If you really liked me you would of at least tagged me.” But Cortez was there to thwart him. I'm devastated,” he said. In this article, we will read about Who Is Alex Stein. Keep reading to know more.

Who Is Alex Stein?

Alex Stein is a well-known podcaster, rapper & YouTube star from the US. As a political commentator & contributor for TheBlaze, he will host a show on the company's streaming video platform in 2023. He is well-known for unexpectedly arriving for interviews with high-profile politicians in the US & for photographing himself with protesters at public local government meetings.

Who Is Alex Stein

Alex Stein Career

To get his foot in the door professionally, Stein began making & starring in “food challenge” videos on YouTube in 2011. In the 2012 season of the reality TV show The Glass House, on which Stein was featured, he was the first participant to be removed.

At first, Stein attended local government meetings during the COVID-19 epidemic to voice his legitimate worries; however, after receiving little attention, he eventually resorted to “pranking” them. In September 2021, when he first began uploading internet “prank” videos, he and Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson discussed a ban on abortions.

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While the COVID-19 pandemic raged on, he continued to perform as different characters and rap at local government meetings around the United States and Canada, often using Zoom to connect with remote audiences. Comedian Andy Kaufman has been credited by Stein as an influence on his own work.

Plano Council Rap by Alex Stein Goes Viral

Alex Stein, a comedian, went viral after he rapped at a Plano City Council meeting about the Ukraine crisis and Vladimir Putin. He stood before city officials in a navy blue suit and a yellow tie and sang praises of the Russian president. Incredible: 6.9 million people have watched the video on Twitter.


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Personal Life of Alex Stein

Alex Stein is happily married to his wife, Lexanne Holshouser, at the moment. Although they didn't announce their wedding publicly, they have been a couple since at least 2018. We found out that he is married to the love of his life, Mrs. Lexanne, because Alex has posted numerous images of the two of them with the word “wedding.”

His wedding date remains a secret, however. But they're still a couple. In 2020, he tweeted that the Covid-19 pandemic had cost Alex's wife her job. Their marital status is also unknown. It also seems unlikely that Alex and his wife have any children together.

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